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Super Junior Leeteuk reveals that he dated an older woman


[Audio] Super Junior Leeteuk feat. F(x) Krystal “Grumbling”

Titled :투정 “Grumbling“
Language : Korean

for the “Enjoy Today” ballad project


[News] Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul involved in minor car accident


Majority of Super Junior Managed to Rank in at the top of Argentinian website, “Listas W.”


Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk talks about leaving for the army and his hopes for 2011


[News] Super Junior Leeteuk & Heechul enlist the army next year


Happy 5th Anniversary Super Junior

13elieve their prom15e, protect the missing 3, and love the remaining 10!


[Video] Super Show 2 DVD Cuts! Disc 2


[Video] Super Show 2 DVD Cuts! Disc 1


[180910] Kiss The Radio – Transcripts


Super Junior & SNSD’s YoonA for SPAO 2010 CF

credit : SHRINX4SiHaeSeason2@youtube

100805 Sukira – with Sungmin


Leeteuk fears what will happen after he returns from the army

Super Junior’s Leeteuk expressed fear about what will happen to him after returning from the army.

Though he’s not there yet, it’s almost time for this idol leader to head off, and on the episode of Happy Birthday that aired on the second, he talked about how he is scared taht he will lose popularity when he comes back from the army.

Leeteuk said, Kim Jong Min and Chun Myung Hoon don’t seem to have gained back their popularity completely after returning from the army. I’m worried I’ll go through the same thing when I come back. Kim Jong Min, Chun Myung Hoon, No Yoo Min, Lee Sung Jin and more have not been able to get used to the variety programs. People have been saying that they’re not as good as they used to be.”

Lee Kyung Kyu, the MC, advised him, “Just be more carefree. You work way too hard. On Strong Heart, you work so hard. If you work this hard, you’ll have nothing to do when you come back.”

That is some good advice. It seems like Leeteuk stresses himself out with variety programs. I find his witty comments funnier than things he prepares.

credits: heartfacee

source: allkpop

[Videos] Eeteuk and Yesung’s Love chaser tops Daum TV show search

As you all know, Eeteuk and Yesung started co-hosting a new show called ‘ Love Chaser’. The first episode aired at 11.30pm KST yesterday and it was found topping the daum TV show search today. Many netizens were curious about this new show and were interested to see the hosting chemistry between the two Super Junior members.

Here(the first one on the list):

To give you a litle tipoff before you watch; you can see eeteuk’s aegyeo( cute) in the show! Curious about the new show? Watch it here!

Credits: yesungcenter@yt

Source: dkpopnews

Yesung, Eeteuk ‘Love Chaser’ preview ( 러브추격자)

credit: YesungCenter @YouTube

[News] Concept of eeteuk and yesung’s new show, ‘Love Chaser’

Super Junior Leeteuk and Yesung have become the joint MCs of a real variety show “Love Chaser.”

MBC Drama Net a real variety show, “Love Chaser” which was first shown on May have chose Leeteuk and Yesung as the new MCs.

Two people have shown best teamwork and received positive reviews even though it was their first time.

Super Junior Leeteuk and Yesung’s Love Chaser has the concept of ‘a star chases the star that he or she respects.’ A celebrity chooses a star of the opposite sex, shows their love for the person for a week and the other person becomes the love chaser to find out the person’s identity. The story is that they both chase each other.

On the first episode of “Love Chaser,” talent Lee Inhye will make an appearance.

The show airs July 21st 11:30PM.

source: @dkpopnews

Super Junior celebrates their Leader’s Birthday


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Goes Blonde?

Following the trend amongst the Super Junior members, Eunhyuk has recently dyed his hair a light shade of blonde. In the previous, there are Leeteuk with Heechul that already has sporting really light brown hair and blonde.


Super Junior’s Leeteuk voted as artist with best leadership

Bugs Music recently conducted a poll from June 14th to June 21st with the question: Which of these artists has the best leadership? The poll had a total of 4,780 votes and Super Junior’s Leeteuk came out on top.