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[Audio] MBLAQ Releases “BLAQ Style-3D Edition” Repackaged Album


    다시 (Again)
    돌아올 수 없는 (Can’t Come Back)


[Video] MBLAQ Unleashed Music Video for “Stay”

After released “Cry” Music Video, MBLAQ has unlveils the other MV for “BLAQ Style” album, “Stay”. (more…)

[Download] MBLAQ 1st Album – BLAQ STYLE


    01. Sad Memories (Intro)
    02. STAY
    03. Cry
    04. Darling / 그대여
    05. Throw Away / 버린다
    06. Rust / 녹
    07. Tonight
    08. Wish You Hadn’t / 이러지 않았으면해
    09. You’re my +
    10. Rolling U
    11. Oh Yeah(C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
    12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
    13. Different Beginning / 또 다른시작 (Outro)


[Video] MBLAQ Unveils “Cry” Music Video


[Video] MBLAQ’s 1st album teaser is OUT!


MBC ‘2010 Idol Star Dance Battle’ performances

It’s an idol group explosion this week, as many idol groups came together for special episodes of various TV shows for the ongoing Chuseok festivities.

The ‘2010 Idol Star Dance Battle’ was recently broadcast, where many popular groups such as missA, SECRET, 4minute, After School, BEAST, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, INFINITE, 2AM, and IU, took to serious challenges.  On the other hand, the funniest of gag women, Jung Juri, Kim Shin Young, and Kim Jisun, battled it out with a vast range of parody performances.


[Picture] MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special Part 2


[Picture] MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special Part 1


Nassun’s O-IWI-O MV featuring MBLAQ’s G.O released


[Video] Today’s Performances at Music Core


[Video] Today’s Inkigayo : Miss A gets Mutizen Award!


[Video] Music Bank July 30th : SHINee Got NO.1 in K-CHART!

SHINee – Lucifer

other performance (more…)

[M!Countdown] 290710 : Se7en wins #1 and Encore stage


The average heights of ten popular male idol groups: Who’s the tallest?

A study recently revealed the average heights of ten popular male idol groups. Which group do you think stood the tallest?

Height is a very sensitive issue for many, as After School’s Kahi recently found out. For idols, the pressure is even greater since they’re always in the spotlight. Most of these idol group members are in their 20’s, and many of the (more…)

Latest Korean Idol Groups Ranking at Daum Cafe

01. DBSK: 773,051 ↓2889
02. Bigbang: 357,541 ↓ 1692
03. SNSD: 304,528 ↑ 507
04. SS501: 254,334 ↓11081
05. 2PM: 225,203 ↓ 4571
06. Superjunior: 196,784 ↓ 480 (manful24)
07. Shinwa: 115,313↓ 270
08. SHINee: 114,879 ↓ 2837
09. Wonder girls: 107,383 ↓ 1
10. (more…)

Today performances on Mucore (July 24 2010)

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head (sound-HOLIC)

INFINITE – Come Back Again (Rising Star)

ZE:A – Level Up (more…)

[KBS Music Bank] 230710 : Miss A wins #1 & SHINee comeback stage


[Video] Many Performance at M!countdown July 15th

Performer :

Taeyang – Solar, I Need a Girl
Miss A – Baby One More Time, Abracadabra, I Go Crazy becouse of You, Bad Girl Goog Girl
Hyuna – Change
4minute – I My Me Mine
2AM – Special Ballad Performance
ZE:A – Hey Come On, Come Back Again
G.NA – Rumors, I’ll Back Off so You Can Live
Sori – Got
CN Blue – It’s Raining, Only Look at Me, I don’t Care, Heart breaker, Love Light, Love
MBLAQ – Lies, Sorry Sorry, Mirotic, Y


Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 this August 29 featuring Super Junior, SNSD, MBLAQ and more!

The nation’s Top stars are going to gather at Incheon!

Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 concert will be held on August 29, 2010 at 7:00 pm KST in Incheon world cup stadium.

This years Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 will be featuring the nation’s top stars which includes Super Junior, SNSD, 2pm, SHINee, Son Dam Bi, U-Kiss, MBLAQ, After School, SG Wannabe, CNBlue and BEAST.

The tickets are scheduled to start being sold by mid July with over 10,000 seats.

This concert is unlike any other large concerts. This concert will be promoting the nation’s best idol’s to encourage more tourists may it be domestic and foreign to promote the wonder’s of South Korea. The concert will be staging the best korean pop stars in Asia to represent the country, this will be one big K-pop music festival.

Meanwhile, more details can be found on their official website for the Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews

[Video] Many Performance at SBS Inkigayo July 4th

With the boys of CNBLUE recently winning #1 on M! Countdown, they must be more motivated to work harder and continue to top the charts. Although they didn’t win the K-Chart a couple days ago on Music Bank, they still rocked it out on Inkigayo with their title track Love.

Check these Performances below!
T-Ara Soyeon – the Deth Bell 2 Ost

Infinite – Come Back Again

Sistar – Push Push


[Video] Many Performance at MBC Music Core July 3rd

Infinite – Come Back Again

Sistar – Push Push

4minute – I My Me Mine


[Video] Today’s Music Bank (July 2nd)

Debut Stage
Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

Comeback Stage

Sori – Hero

Music Stage

T-ara’s Soyeon and Jiyeon – Death Bell 2 OST


MBLAQ’s message for the Taeguk Warriors as they head towards the 3rd round

img cr: http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/3997/2568511.jpg

The South Korean team has advanced to the second round of the World Cup for the first time on foreign soil. On the upcoming 26th of June, they will face Uruguay, and stars have come out to send messages of support to the players.
MBLAQ, who has a lot of interest in soccer, said a few comments to the South Korean team.


[Video] Many Performance at Music Bank June 18th