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[Video] JYP Reveals “Dream High” Eps 16.5

JY Park tweeted on March 9th, “Here’s a present for all my Yang Jin Man lovers. “Dream High” part 16.5. (more…)

Dream High to Hold a Special Mini Concert

KBS 2TV’s teen drama to hold a (more…)

[Audio] Park Jin Young Unveils 5th Part of Dream High OST “If”


IU’s “Dream High” OST, ‘Some Day’ was a Plagiarism?


Photos from 2010 JYP Nation – Team Play Concert


[News] First “JYP Nation – Team Play” concert delivers explosive performances!


JYP Nation Releases Concert Poster


[Video+Audio] JYPE to Hold “JYP Nation” Concert and Releases “This Christmas” MV


[News] JYP Nation to release Christmas carol single


[Photo] San E parodies JYPE artists


2PM releases Music Video for Thank You!

credit : 2pm@youtube
Source : allkpop

2PM Encore Concert : DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP


Rain and JYP ‘faceoff’

Korean pop singer Rain, who is arguably the biggest sensation throughout Asia, made “a slip of the tongue” during a TV show, which incurred a response from another formidable pop musician, Park Jing-young or better known as “JYP” among his fans.

Rain recently made a remark: “I already surpassed Park Jin-young,” a statement that could be interpreted as a sign of confidence or arrogance, depending on how it was seen.

During a show, aired by SBS on Friday, Rain said he received a personal text message from Park after the remark.

Park shot back to Rain: “Am I your jumping board?” said Newsen.com Saturday.

Judging that his remark might have irked Park’s anger, Rain came to his defense, by apologizing to Park. “Oh, no∼ there was misunderstanding,” Newsen. Com cited him as saying.

Park said: “Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?” it said.

But Park apparently took Rain’s comment in good faith. He later told Rain. “No worries. I enjoyed it.”

Park is one of Korea’s best pop musicians, who is well known for his talents in singing, dancing, song-writing since 1994. He later extended music career by forming JYP Entertainment, a production company in 1999 which is one of the biggest talent and music producing companies in South Korea.

Great talents like Jinju, G.O.D., Byul, Lim Jeong Hee, Min, Noel, Ivy, Park Ji-yoon and Rain all got their start there.

Source:Korea Times
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taken from Daily K Pop News