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KIMCHI’s Teaser

Omona.. I can’t believe it! It’s 2 more weeks for KIMCHI. haah.. totally forgot!
Okay, who’s excited? Who will attend KIMCHI? Teaser already out.. Get ready for KIMCHI!! 😀

Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) 2011

Sorry.. Sorry.. for a long time hiatus. Kinda busy with the school stuffs and some family vacation. Kkkeke~ ;p

Have a good news for Indonesian Kpop Lovers. This year. There will be a lot of Korean Artists come to Indonesia! Yeaay!! xD

Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) 2011
Super Junior, The Boss, Park Jung Min, Girl’s Day, X-5


[Video] Many Performances at Music Bank year-end special!


Today performances on Mucore (July 24 2010)

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head (sound-HOLIC)

INFINITE – Come Back Again (Rising Star)

ZE:A – Level Up (more…)

Girl’s Day releases new MV for Summer Special Album

After release their debut single, Tilt My Head.Girl’s Day have now got ready a new Summer Special album.
Check this MV out below!

credit : girlsday5@youtube

[Video] SBS Inkigayo July 11th, Super Junior win 1st Mutizen for ‘No Other’

After celebrating a K-Chart win on Music Bank with No other. Today, they win 1st mutizen with the same. Congratulation for Super Junior Junior and also ELF ^^

performer list : Super Junior, Kan Mi Yeon, Girl’s Day, Black Pearl, Infinite, SISTAR, ZE:A, Teen Top, CN Blue, Miss A, Son DamBi, Narsha, 4minute, Taeyang


[Video] Today’s Music Core (July 10th)

Today’s Performer:
♬ Comeback stage
Son Dam Bi / 손담비『Queen + Can’t U See』

♬ Hot stage
Taeyang『I need a girl』
Super Junior『No Other Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어』
4minute『I My Me Mine』
miss A『Bad Girl Good Girl』

♬ New Song (more…)

Netizens disappointed with Girl’s Day debut stage

Netizens were not satisfied with five member girl group Girl’s Day’s debut stage, which took place on Music Bank yesterday. These girls finally performed live for their fans with their title track Tilt My Head and were not well-received.

Though people had high expectations for them, they did not sound too good live. They sounded out of breath and were off key at parts.

Netizens wrote, (more…)

[Video] Super Junior Won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with No Other, and More Performances at Music Bank July 9th

Having won a triple crown with BONAMANA earlier, the Super Junior boys were back and won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with No Other. Congratulations to Super Junior and ELF!

Check the other video out below!


Girl’s Day releases debut MV “Tilt my head (갸우뚱)”

Check out their debut MV “Tilt my head (갸우뚱)”

Credits : girlsday5 @ youtube

Girl’s Day reveals debut teaser

consists with five members.Including Min Ah, Ji In, Ji Sun, Ji Hae and So Jin last week, DreamTea Entertainment has now unveiled their teaser ahead of their debut on July 9th.

Without further ado. check this teaser below!

credits : girlsday5@youtube
Source : Casper@allkpop