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[Video] Big Bang’s Tonight MV Japanese Version

    Credit : YGEntertainment via Youtube

[Video] Big Bang’s Music Video for LOVE SONG


[Download] Big Bang’s Special Edition Album


01. Love Song
02. Stupid Liar
03. Tonight
04. High High
05. Oh Yeah
06. Cafe
07. I Need A Girl (Feat. G-Dragon)
08. Somebody to Love
09. 어쩌라고
10. Baby Don’t Cry (Daesung Solo)


[Download] Big Bang’s 4th Mini Album


01. Intro (Thank You & You)
02. Hands Up
03. Tonight
04. Somebody to Love
05. What is Right
06. Cafe


[Video] Big Bang’s Parody of Secret Garden


[Video] Big Bang’s “Tonight” Music Video and Performance


[Video] Another Teasers for 2011 BigBang Concert (Bigshow)


Bigbang Seungri reveals ‘VVIP’ and ‘What Can I Do’ MVs


[Video] Big Bang Invites You to Their Upcoming Concert “2011 BIG SHOW”

In the last article about Bing Bang, there’s a Concert teaser. Now, these boys made invitation video for their upcoming concert.

Check it out! (more…)

Big Bang releases teaser for “2011 BIG SHOW” concert!


[Video] Compilation of Boyband Parodies

Video List


Cinderella’s Step Sister
You’re Beautiful
Dirty Eyed Girls: Parody of Abracadabra (ft.2AM)

Super Junior



Harry Potter
Beethoven Virus
Boys Before Flower

Big Bang

Beethoven Virus
Coffee Prince
Hana Yori Dango

FT Island

Boys Over flower
Temptation of Wife

Just check the Funny Tights Out!


[News] YG Family will be coming together to perform at “2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT”


Top 5 Best and Worst Idols by Professional Critics


Details for Singapore Korean Pop Night Concert 2010


Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 for Singapore confirmed

Having had a wonderful star-studded K-pop concert back in 2008, K-pop fans in Singapore were disappointed that there was no repeat the following year. But K-pop fans can now rejoice for something like that, and perhaps an even bigger concert will be happening in Singapore this October.

It was revealed by local concert organizer, Proof Label that a Korean Pop Night Concert 2010 will be happening this October, on the 23rd where a concert of epic proportions will be taking place.

How epic is it?

Well, there’s SNSD, Big Bang, F.T Island, SHINee, INFINITE and there’s one more that’s yet to be revealed. It might not be the Dream Concert but its almost like the real thing, but in Singapore!

Stay tuned to the Proof Label Facebook page or Twitter for more updates.

source: allkpop

Big Bang unleash “Beautiful Hangover”

credit : BBSHINeeWorldJP@youtube

South Korea’s 100 Most Popular Stars of 2010

2 2PM
3 Big Bang
4 Super Junior
5 f(x)
6 SHINee
7 C.N Blue
8 2AM
9 Taeyang
10 After School
11 (more…)

The average heights of ten popular male idol groups: Who’s the tallest?

A study recently revealed the average heights of ten popular male idol groups. Which group do you think stood the tallest?

Height is a very sensitive issue for many, as After School’s Kahi recently found out. For idols, the pressure is even greater since they’re always in the spotlight. Most of these idol group members are in their 20’s, and many of the (more…)

Latest Korean Idol Groups Ranking at Daum Cafe

01. DBSK: 773,051 ↓2889
02. Bigbang: 357,541 ↓ 1692
03. SNSD: 304,528 ↑ 507
04. SS501: 254,334 ↓11081
05. 2PM: 225,203 ↓ 4571
06. Superjunior: 196,784 ↓ 480 (manful24)
07. Shinwa: 115,313↓ 270
08. SHINee: 114,879 ↓ 2837
09. Wonder girls: 107,383 ↓ 1
10. (more…)

Latest Fanclub Rankings (JULY 2010)


4Minute and Big Bang to perform on Live Alarm-Fuji at United States of Odaiba

Fuji Television had decided to make a live concert called Live Alarm-Fuji. The concert will be held at United States of Odaiba. There are many artistes that Fuji Television had invited such as AI, BENI, Big Bang, Moriyama Tadashi and others, but not to forget 4Minute. (more…)

BigBang and 2NE1 as VIP at’Into the Fire’ Premiere

Bigbang and 2NE1 went to the premiere of the movie,called”Into The Fire” which T.O.P was in,


Big Bang debuts at number 5 at weekly chart in Oricon

5 member idol group Big Bang entered the Weekly Oricon chart in Japan and debuts at Number 5 with their Japanese single “Tell me Goodbye”.


Big Bang lets loose “Tell Me Goodbye” music video!

It’s been entirely too long since we’ve seen the young men of Big Bang together in a music video, but YG Entertainment has finally delivered the official MV for the quintet’s Japanese track Tell Me Goodbye! As we earlier reported, this track was was made for IRIS’s Japanese OST.

A few years back, Big Bang debuted with a hip hop concept, and has since experimented with more eccentric and colorful styles in recent years. This time around, we get to see all five members mature for a dark, vintage look (including TOP with gray hair!) which perfectly fits the grim atmosphere.

Although the mood of the music video itself is quite melancholy, I’m sure VIPs will be overjoyed to see all five members performing again, so without further delay, check out the brand new track & music video here!

full taken from allkpop