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[Video] Many Performances from Music Core Christmas Special


[Video] Many Performances at Music Bank year-end special!


[Picture] MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special Part 2


[Picture] MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships Chuseok Special Part 1


SISTAR reveals Shady Girl music video

Heechul looks so cute and handsome in this video. But, yeah now i’m really jealous with Sistar. . >.<

credits: starshipTV @YouTube

Sistar To Show Four Colors of Love With Heechul

Ya!! Heechul is so romantic and handsome in this teaser MV. ugh.. i’m so jealous with Sistar members. >.< 😥

Source: Newsen, YouTube(moraynnie8), juliaa@soompi

[Video] SBS Inkigayo : Taeyang wins Mutizen again!

Performer List :

  • Comeback Specials
  • Shinee “Up & Down + Lucifer”
    ChaeYeon “Crazy + Look x3 / 봐봐봐”

  • Hot Debut
  • Rottyful Sky “No Way”

  • Goodbye Special
  • Super Junior “No Other Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어+ Bonamana / 미인아(Remix ver.)”

  • Take 7
  • Taeyang “I Need A Girl”
    Son DamBi “Queen”
    miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”
    Brown Eyed Girls Narsha “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”

  • Summer Special
  • One Two “Very Good”
    Jang Yoon Jung “Olleh (remix ver.)”
    Sistar “Push Push”
    JooSuc “Pop & Drop”

  • Hot Music
  • Gina Choi w. BEAST Yoon DoJoon “Leaving So You Can Live Better / 꺼져줄게 잘 살아”
    Teen Top “Clap / 박수”
    Ze:A “Level Up / 이별드립”
    T-ara’s JiYeon and SoYeon “What should we finish / 뭐라고 끝낼까”
    Black Pearl “Go Go Ssing / 고고씽”
    December “Came by Myself / 혼자 왔어요”

  • Power Rookie
  • Apple Girl Kim YeoHee “My Music / 나의 노래”

    Performer List’s credit : Daily kpop news

    Without further ado. check these video out! (more…)

    Today performances on Mucore (July 24 2010)

    Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head (sound-HOLIC)

    INFINITE – Come Back Again (Rising Star)

    ZE:A – Level Up (more…)

    [Video] SBS Inkigayo July 11th, Super Junior win 1st Mutizen for ‘No Other’

    After celebrating a K-Chart win on Music Bank with No other. Today, they win 1st mutizen with the same. Congratulation for Super Junior Junior and also ELF ^^

    performer list : Super Junior, Kan Mi Yeon, Girl’s Day, Black Pearl, Infinite, SISTAR, ZE:A, Teen Top, CN Blue, Miss A, Son DamBi, Narsha, 4minute, Taeyang


    [Video] Today’s Music Core (July 10th)

    Today’s Performer:
    ♬ Comeback stage
    Son Dam Bi / 손담비『Queen + Can’t U See』

    ♬ Hot stage
    Taeyang『I need a girl』
    Super Junior『No Other Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어』
    4minute『I My Me Mine』
    miss A『Bad Girl Good Girl』

    ♬ New Song (more…)

    [Video] Super Junior Won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with No Other, and More Performances at Music Bank July 9th

    Having won a triple crown with BONAMANA earlier, the Super Junior boys were back and won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with No Other. Congratulations to Super Junior and ELF!

    Check the other video out below!


    [Video] Today’s M!Countdown

    Today’s Performer : Electro Boys, One Two, ZEA, Miss A, T-Max, Kwak Hyun Hwa-psycho, Sori, Taeyang, 4Minute, Lyn, Sistar, Sonnet, SookHee feat Jewelry’s Ha Jooyeon-One Love

    Electro Boys – Incoming Call

    One Two – Very Good


    Level Up


    [Video] Many Performance at SBS Inkigayo July 4th

    With the boys of CNBLUE recently winning #1 on M! Countdown, they must be more motivated to work harder and continue to top the charts. Although they didn’t win the K-Chart a couple days ago on Music Bank, they still rocked it out on Inkigayo with their title track Love.

    Check these Performances below!
    T-Ara Soyeon – the Deth Bell 2 Ost

    Infinite – Come Back Again

    Sistar – Push Push


    [Video] Many Performance at MBC Music Core July 3rd

    Infinite – Come Back Again

    Sistar – Push Push

    4minute – I My Me Mine


    [Video] Today’s Music Bank (July 2nd)

    Debut Stage
    Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

    Comeback Stage

    Sori – Hero

    Music Stage

    T-ara’s Soyeon and Jiyeon – Death Bell 2 OST


    [Video] Many Performance at Music Bank June 18th


    [Video] Many performance at M!Countdown June 17th

    MBLAQ-Y, Minute-Huh, CNBLUE-Love, Davichi-Time Please stop, Gummy, Jo PD w. Brown Eyed Girls JeA-La La Land, Supreme Team, Sistar- Push push, Transfixion, T-Max-don’t be rude, Infinite-comeback again, Apple Girl Kim Yeo Hee, Sunny Side M


    SISTAR releases We Never Go Alone MV


    [Video] Today’s Inkigayo


    [Video] Music Bank June 11th


    [video] Many performance at Music Core, June 12th


    [video] Many performance at Music Core!


    SISTAR releases Push Push MV


    [video] more performance at Music Bank, June 4th