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[News] SMTOWN LIVE in Paris confirmed for June

SM Entertainment’s massive in-house concert, “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR“, will finally have a stage in Europe!

On April 20th, (more…)

[Video] F(x)’s Comeback Teaser : Phinocchio


Lee Soo Man and The SM’s Management staff came to Jakarta?


SM Entertainment to Produce a Drama based on Japanese Comic ” Hana Kimi”


SM Entertainment works to repair their relationship with Mnet Media


SM Entertainment & SNSD chosen as the most influential in the industry


[News] Hangeng wins lawsuit over SM Entertainment


[Video] SNSD Releases Music Video for “Hoot” + Comeback Video at Mubank


[Video] Girl Generation Releases MV Teaser for “Hoot”


[Video] SHINee reveils “Hello” Music Video Teaser


[Audio] SHINee’s “Hello” full Audio realesed!


SM Entertainment says Youtube Is Important

After the smashing success of SM Entertainment’s concert in LA, SM Entertainment had an interview with KBS World stating how Youtube is so powerful in updating and attracting fans all around the globe.


A Cambodian group copied SHINee?

Recently surfacing through YouTube, a video titled ‘KH Stars – Ring Ding Dong‘ has been gaining the interest of netizens.

The video reveals a 5-member Cambodian group performing a song very similar to SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong. (more…)

Hangeng developed suicidal thoughts while with SM Entertainment

The worst thing that could possibly happen to a celebrity, that is, ending your life early due to large amounts of stress, almost happened to Super Junior’s Hangeng.

The singer recently made an appearance on a Taiwanese program titled Shen Chunhua Life Show, where he revealed, “While with SM [Entertainment], I was building so much stress that at one point, I just wanted to commit suicide.

He continued in tears, “It was just too hard, living in Korea. Having the thoughts of hanging myself in my mind was worse. Just thinking of the possibilities at the time made everything so difficult.”

To further add to the saddened environment, a letter from his father in Beijing which basically stated his greetings to his ‘long lost’ son, and the endless love that he shares with him, was given to Hangeng during the show, leading him to drop tears.

Hangeng is currently in Taiwan promoting his debut album.

Source: Tvdaily.co.kr

[Video] SHINee at Muzit! (full video + Photo)