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[Video] The Making of SHINee’s Onew and Minho W Photo Shoot “Double Doors”


[Dec 09, 2010] SHINee’s Minho celebrates his 20th birthday!


Happy Birthday Choi Minho


[Video] SHINee’s Minho and SNSD’s Yuri act a kiss scene from the musical ‘Grease‘


[Video] “Pianist” Drama with English Subbed


[Video] SHINee’s Minho Scene at “Pianist”

if you not pleasure for watch these romantic scene below.please do not bashing, thanks . check it out below:


SHINee’s Minho Reveals His Abs!

credit : shineelucifer500 via Youtube

[Photo] “Pianist” Unveils Sweet Kiss Scene!


[Video] SHINee’s Minho Released Teaser for Upcoming KBS Drama: Pianist

credit : oumae2 @ youtube

[Video] SHINee cuts at Honey pot Comedy Eng Subbed


[Video] SHINee’s One Fine Day Making Film (Ver. 1-4/4)


SHINee’s Minho will start dancing for the ‘Lucifer’ performance on Music Core this week!

ah, Minho!! i’m glad to hear you will be dancing again. i really miss you! :-*

After three weeks of not dancing alongside the rest of the SHINee members, Minho will finally be doing so this week after completing his recovery from injury!

On August 12th, the day of recording for MBC’s Music Core, Minho will be dancing with the members for their Lucifer performance.

SM Entertainment, through a phone call with Newsen, stated, “Starting from today (12th), Minho will be dancing. You will be able to see all five members perform starting from this week’s Music Core.”

Stay tuned to SHINee’s performance on Music Core which is pre-recorded for broadcast on the 14th.

[Image] SHINee Pictorial Photos : One Fine Day


[Video] SBS Inkigayo August 8th : SHINee Wins Mutizen Award!

Congratulation Shawols! hope SHINee will gain more award :))

Show others performance : (more…)

[Video] Yoogeun dances LUCIFER!

credit : fidottt@youtube

[Video] SHINee completes pictorial for Star Hwabo

The boys of idol group SHINee (Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin) recently participated in a special pictorial for Star Hwabo entitled SHINee’s One Fine Day. The photo shoot took place at the famous Hindu Temple, Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Kamboja.

The pictorial focuses on SHINee’s theme of their new song Lucifer, showing off a more (more…)

Behind the scenes for SHINee’s Lucifer MV

credit : JonghyunSHINee @ youtube
source: allkpop

SHINee’s Comeback – Lucifer with MR Removed

netizen says, this is live performances or CD? . etc

credit : winterm3lon2 @ youtube

[Image] SHINee’s Lucifer Picture


Top 10 Male Artist “Sweaty cool guys”


SHINee Realese Lucifer Music Video

After we having new album Lucifer tomorrow, today SM entertainment ready to make Shawol get some nervous and over excited.

Check this Amazing Movie Video out!

stay tuned for SHINee’s first comeback stage in this week’s Music Bank at KBS channel June 23th.

Credits : sment@youtube

SHINee 2nd album Lucifer unleash!

After SMent revealed their MV Teaser a few days ago. SHINee is comeback with their new album, Lucifer that including with 13 tracks.

***Download Full Album via MediaFire***

without further ado. check these audio out!

  • Up & Down
  • Lucifer
  • Electric Heart
  • A-yo
  • 욕(慾) (Obsession)
  • (more…)

    SHINee’s song medley teaser for new album revealed, comeback date and teases with group photo confirmed

    SHINee have released their song medley teaser for their new album after 9 long months. chaeck this audio below!

    The agency stated, “Further teasers will be released up to and on the 19th. SHINee is preparing to make their official comeback on the 23rd (Music Bank).”

    Minho has been recovering fast from his calf injury with physical therapy, so (more…)

    What is SHINee’s concept?

    SHINee members, Minho, Taemin and Onew’s concept photo’s for their comeback has been revealed.

    SM Entertainment released their concept photo’s on the 8th, 9th and 10th. The member’s were seen bearing a little more skin that usual. Minho bared his abs, Taemin being the youngest had long hair and dark make up and Onew shoving off his gentle charisma.

    But What really is their concept?