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[RUMOR!!] Super Junior’s next track of 2011 to be titled…?


[News] SHINee’s comeback updates


T-Max releases Don’t Be Rude MV


SS501 makes comeback on Music Bank

Just last week, the boys of SS501 released their full comeback mini-album titled Destination which contained a total of six tracks. A week after the album release, the boys showed their dark concept as they unveiled their title song Love Ya’s full MV.


SS501’s second Love Ya MV teaser released

SS501 sure knows how to tease – after releasing their comeback mini-album Destination and music video teaser for Love Ya, the quintet is back with… not the full MV, but yet another video preview!


T-Max releases comeback teaser

Ahead of their impending return, T-Max has revealed the teaser for their title track called Words That I Can Say from their comeback album, Born To The Max. (more…)

CNBLUE bring Love on Inkigayo

CNBLUE finished up their comeback performances on Inkigayo with Love and Love Light.

Love Light is the first song that was released from this album and it was well received by fans. It was written by Jung Yonghwa which makes it even more special. however, Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jong Hyun’s vocal are well mixed. (more…)

CNBLUE brings some Love and Sweet Holidays to Music Bank

CNBLUE made their comeback on yesterday’s M! Countdown, with refreshing sounds and new songs.

then today’s Music Bank stages for Sweet Holiday and Love will surely change your mind, The old school groove that CNBLUE takes back to the stage is so refreshing; it’s always a pleasure to watch their performances.

check some video below!

source : allkpop

CN Blue spreads the LOVE at M! Countdown!

CN Blue, a Hot rookie band with four member is appearing in their comeback stage on m!countdown with their new song LOVE and sweet holiday.
The boys performed their title track Love as well as another track from their latest album titled Sweet Holiday. Their upbeat, modern rock songs with acoustic and electric guitar sound will surely get you addicted to CNBLUE once again. Check out their two terrific performances below!

i think this one (love) is become another hit. are you agree with me?

source : Daily K Pop News , allkpop

4minute releases 2nd mini album and huh(Hit Your Heart) MV

4minute released of the tracklist for their 2nd mini album Huh (Hit Your Heart). Check it out below!

1. Who’s Next? (Feat. Beast)
2 Huh
3 Invitation
4 I My Me Mine
5 Bababa
6 Highlight
7 태연하게 당연하게

the 4minute girls have now unleashed upon us their music video for their title track, Huh (Hit Your Heart).

And you have to admit that the girls have more or less bought out a slick title track for their impending comeback. And all we have to do now is to await their comeback stages starting with M! Countdown on the 19th!

chek this video below!

CNBLUE Blue Love Tracklist

Track List

1. LOVE [Title]
2. Sweet Holiday
3. Black Flower
4. Tattoo
5. Love Light
6. Let’s Go crazy

source : CN Blue’s official page

Description about the album from MNet : Bluelove

2nd album title ‘BLUELOVE’ is expressing the emotion how CNBLUE feels about love.

1. Title song “LOVE” is a modern rock song with a shuffle rhythm. Has a combination of acoustic guitar and electric guitar that gives a cool and groovy attraction. You can feel CNBLUE’s unique rhythm. From 2nd verse, it’s changed to metal and you can feel Jung Yong Hwa’s powerful rap.

2. “Sweet Holiday” is cheerful rock number of CNBLUE’s style. Calm intro then changed to vital and cheerful beat. Drummer Kang Min Hyuk wrote the lyrics. He shows how a twenty-year-old boy feels the emotion of love.

3. “Black Flower” is of the rock genre. Minor song plus shuffle rhythm. You can hear Jung Yong Hwa’s powerful singing ability.

4. “Tatoo” has lyrics and composition by Jung Yong Hwa. It has strong sounds and funky elements.
After refrain, the hook part expresses strong and pathetic feeling.

5. “Love Light” also had its lyrics and composition by Jung Yong Hwa. Acoustic guitar and Jung Yong Hwa & Lee Jong Hyun’s vocal are well mixed. It has a beautiful melody and lovely lyrics which makes your heart full of love. It’s a lovely song which makes listeners feel many emotions.

6. Let’s go crazy” is from CNBLUE’s first Indie album from Japan. It lets you enjoy a cheerful and powerful rhythm which Jung Yong Hwa’s unique vocal makes you want to listen to.


Source : CNBlogIndo

CNBLUE’s Love MV unveiled!

Just last week, CNBLUE’s new track Love Light as well as the tracklist for their upcoming album Bluelove was released. The day after the track release, their title track Love’s MV teaser was revealed.

Today, the full MV of Love has finally been unveiled! check it out below!

Stay tuned to the full album release of Bluelove later on today as well as CNBLUE’s first comeback performance through Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 20th.

source : allkpop

MBLAQ releases Y MV

MBLAQ has finally released the MV for their comeback title track Y! The boys have released the album jacket photos, the MV teaser, the actual track, and the mini album and now the full MV has been finally unveiled.

Check it out now and stay tuned to allkpop for their comeback stages!

source : allkpop

MBLAQ’s comeback album released!

MBLAQ, a rain’s boy band released their music video teaser for Y just a few days ago, and it proved to be the next sexy dance hit with addictive beats and chorus.

Now, MBLAQ finally released their newest album, and it’s sounding like a hit already! The EP album includes 7 amazing tracks (two being instrumentals) that will be fighting against the number of idols coming back this month.

Without further ado, here are the tracks!

What U Want

4 Ya’ Stereo

Last Luv

One Better Day


source: allkpop

MBLAQ’s comeback single MV teasers revealed!

The MV teaser for MBLAQ’s upcoming single album has finally been revealed after a photo of MBLAQ’s comeback was unveiled, revealing the boys’ new look.

We’ve all been waiting for MBLAQ’s return as they impressed us with their debut single Oh Yeah. check out the teaser below!

source : allkpop

SS501 new album due out May 31 ‘DESTINATION’

Boy Band satu ini dikabarkan akan merilis album baru mereka yang berjudul ‘DESTINATION’ pada tanggal 31 Mei 2010

DSP entertainment menjelaskan kepada media, beberapa musisi bertalenta yang terlibat dalam pembuatan album ini. diantaranya dari Korea, Eropa dan Amerika, contohnya produser musik Steven Lee yang juga menulis dan mearansemen lagu di album sebelum nya ‘REBIRTH’ kali ini juga akan membuat lagu utama dari album yang akan berjudul ‘Love Ya’

SS501 yang debut pada tahun 2005 dengan ‘Warning’ dan membuat comeback yang sukses pada Oktober tahun lalu dengan REBIRTH. mereka akan comeback di KBS Music Bank pada 4 Juni

source : koreanindo