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Super Junior Leeteuk reveals that he dated an older woman

During MBC Every1’s “Super Junior’s Foresight“, Leeteuk made a shocking confession about dating an older woman.

Leeteuk said that he received ’special management’ from an older woman during his trainee days, and he went on to reminisce about the relationship.

When asked about the perks of dating someone older, Leeteuk explained that he was mentally comfortable with her, and that she was able to provide for him. He claimed that she took care of him from head to toe, and even gave him a bit of pocket change whenever he went shopping or to the salon.

Fellow member Shindong took the edge off Leeteuk’s confession by joking, “Leeteuk wasn’t raised by our CEO, he was raised by the older woman.”

Later on during the episode, Leeteuk shocked the audience once more by engaging with another older woman during a “Secret Garden” parody segment, where castmates took on the famous ‘foam kiss’ and ’sit-up’ scenes from the drama.

Leeteuk and Kim Ji Hyun were partnered up to pull off a twist on the sit-up scene, for which they held a chocolate pepero between their lips. Tensions rose in the studio as the snack got shorter and shorter, until member Kyuhyun snapped it completely by suddenly pushing on Leeteuk’s back, forcing him to kiss his female partner. The studio immediately erupted into a chaotic mass of screams and cheers.

Catch the full episode at 5 PM KST on February 9th!

Source: Newsen #1, #2 via Nate
tip VITALSIGN @allkpop

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