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KIMCHI’s Teaser

Omona.. I can’t believe it! It’s 2 more weeks for KIMCHI. haah.. totally forgot!
Okay, who’s excited? Who will attend KIMCHI? Teaser already out.. Get ready for KIMCHI!! 😀

Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) 2011

Sorry.. Sorry.. for a long time hiatus. Kinda busy with the school stuffs and some family vacation. Kkkeke~ ;p

Have a good news for Indonesian Kpop Lovers. This year. There will be a lot of Korean Artists come to Indonesia! Yeaay!! xD

Korean Idols Music Concert Hosted in Indonesia (KIMCHI) 2011
Super Junior, The Boss, Park Jung Min, Girl’s Day, X-5


SS501’s Park Jung Min has joined Facebook!

SS501’s Park Jung Min Facebook account now!

check his facebook profile, and also follow him at twitter ! (@JungMin0403)

Park Jung Min joins a new management agency


SS501 become SS301 ?

Following confirmation about Kim Hyun Joong leaving DSP Entertainment for Keyeast, it’s been revealed that fellow SS501 member (more…)

[News+Photos+Video] China media Sohu exclusive interview: SS501 Park Jung Min “Please call me Park CEO”


[Photo] SS501 Park Jung Min @ 2010/03/22 FORESTA GRAND OPENING PARTY

By Faure stars(http://blog.naver.com/forestapark/80110923992+http://blog.naver.com/forestapark/80110924331
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Remember I posted a magazine reporting Jung Min attended the Foresta Grand Opening Party

hehe… now the official photos is out

Thanks 더블클릭님 for sharing in SS601 ^^

These are the ph0tos from Foresta openings ceremony for AVEDA beauty salon

Party date is March 22 this year’s spring.

Jung Min so handsome…  ^.~
*special for our lovely BURNING admin*


[News] ‘SS501′ Park Jung Min “Although discussing with Taiwan Sony, contract not signed yet”

Credit: http://www.cbs.co.kr/nocut/show.asp?idx=1517148
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OK… another news surfaced…

Seems like Jung Min only in the discussing stage with TW Sony… contract not signed yet…

Nowadays… news is getting more and more confused..

How can they post something not confirmed yet in News portal… TT

So please forget the post before…


Anyway, I think we need to wait for some more times for our boys’ further decision

Let’s be patient and hope for the best again ^^

BTW, Jung Min just left a message in DSP… sweet Min…

Message and translation will be up ^^



[Triple S][English Translation] SS501 Park Jung Min new message @ DSP ~ This is Jung Min..^^ (2010-07-03 PM 1:51:49)

Credit: http://ss501.dspenter.com/
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So sweet Jung Min…

He must know that we are worry…

So he left a message after the news is out ^^

A very long one indeed…

Jung Min really is thorough about the explanation of the situation…

I just know that now no matter what will be happening in the future…

All members had already consulted and continued to meet with each others to give out the best result…

That’s all I need to hear for now…

Because I know I can trust them in their own choice … all for the good of SS501 ^^

It’s really a tough time for them all… so let them decide and support silently is the best to do…
SS501 fighting… !!!!!



SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon and Park Jung Min at 21st Golden Melody Awards


SS501 Park Jungmin shooting a taiwan drama?

SS501′s Park JungMin studies hard on Mandarin, will be shooting a taiwan drama? Possibility? We’ll await

SS501 Park JungMin’s contract with agency DSP expires in June, at this time to announce the news that he will be invading into the Mandarin drama world is indeed sensitive! He is already by nature very much interested in acting, after taking on the main lead in MBC drama “Human theater 2010″, he was able to show off his acting chops very much through acting as gangsters, beggars, restaurant waiter etc, winning accolades of many.