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[Video] “SHINee Baby” Yoogeun Performed Lucifer


[Video] Yoogeun dances LUCIFER!

credit : fidottt@youtube

[Video] Yoogeun (SHINee’s Hello Baby) Singing and Dancing Ring Ding Dong

Part 1

Part 2

Yoogeun on TV again – but not wearing pants?

In this recent video, Yoogeun was seen crying and acting like a difficult child – not eating and throwing tantrums. (Sounds like what you would see in SHINee Hello Baby?)


Yoogeun (SHINee Hello Baby) & Minho’s Reunion


[Cyworld] 100615 Yoogueun’s Mom, Yoogeun miss which appa??

2010. 06. 15 화 00:13