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Super Junior Kyuhyun has twitter account!!

Finally, he made a twitter account. Actually, we had quite long time to make sure this is the real Cho Kyuhyun. But, tonight after he tweet his first twitpic on twitter we’re sure this is the real Cho Kyuhyun.

http://twitpic.com/28j433 막방..고맙습니다^^

Makbang .. thank you ^ ^

follow him: http://www.twitter.com/GaemGyu

We want Sungmin comeback to twitter too.. 😦

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to resume activities

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has been absent for awhile due to the recovery from his ear surgery recently, however he will be making his return on the 25th by performing BONAMANA with Super Junior for the last time on Music Bank.


Super Junior asked Kyuhyun ” Stop the Dota, Quit the gaming, Be on twitter! ”

Do you want Kyuhyun to join twitter? I am pretty sure many of you will raise up your hands and say yes. Disappointedly, Kyuhyun has not join twitter yet although he plays Dota and StarCraft that often.


Fans are greatly anticipating SJ Kyuhyun’s comeback on stage

Due to his ear infection which required surgery, Super Junior member Kyuhyun had to rest after his surgery last week but fans are questioning on his return on stage and anticipation is growing greatly on fans.