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90 Fact about Heechul


[100710] Heechul has a star named after him

Can you imagine that!? A star (real star in the sky!) for a birthday gift? How cool is that! *o*

This is a birthday fan-project by Heechul-Petals.com, Kim Heechul’s first international fanclub. They gave all the birthday presents to Heechul during his birthday and you can see him keep using their present. News of them giving Heechul a star, naming it “Heenim” spreads and now everyone hears of it. Anyway, it seemed like they were the first fanclub to be able to give the gift to Heechul ‘personally’ via Youngstreet, since the radio is unaccessible to fans unlike KTR. Anyways, you can see how Heechul enjoyed their pink headphone, and their pens. He even called himself “Universe Star” via twitter because of “Heenim Star”.

The star is officially named after Heechul (Heenim) and is also officially registered in the Global Star Registry, official astronomy site of USA. In addition, the fanclub also donated to UNICEF via purchasing the star ^^ If you look at the chart and cert, you can see the location of it and that it is a “Cancer star”, Heechul’s horoscope ^^


SISTAR reveals Shady Girl music video

Heechul looks so cute and handsome in this video. But, yeah now i’m really jealous with Sistar. . >.<

credits: starshipTV @YouTube

Sistar To Show Four Colors of Love With Heechul

Ya!! Heechul is so romantic and handsome in this teaser MV. ugh.. i’m so jealous with Sistar members. >.< 😥

Source: Newsen, YouTube(moraynnie8), juliaa@soompi

[Fancam] Ladies in Super Show 3

Lady HeeHee – Poker Face solo performance in Super Show 3

Oh my god.. How can a man looks so beautiful and gorgeus? He looks like a lady, with his milky skin white. Oh i really feel ashamed as a woman. He looks so beautiful and fabulous than me.. Yeobo, you look so pretty and sexy.. ;_;

Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Shindong – Single Ladies in Super Show 3

Wow, they are so sexy with little black dress. Same as Heechul, why are them looks so beautiful!? Aigoo kyopta.. >.<

credits: v.youku.com @YouTube

saggiorpiioxgalaxy @YouTube

[News] Super Junior Kim HeeChul transform as ‘Lady HeeHee’


Hangeng mentions Heechul @ Shanghai Fanmeet Press Conference + Video Eng Sub

Boa “Be in love with Heechul? Would feel tired due to too much prettiness…WonBin is my ideal type”


[PHOTO] 100812 Heechul and BoA


BoA and Heechul pose together Hurricane Venus style

Super Junior’s Heechul and BoA posed together backstage at Music Bank on the 6th.

On the 7th, Heechul updated his Twitter with a picture of him and BoA doing a certain pose from the Hurricane Venus choreography.

Heechul wrote, “Hurri Hurricane Venus~Today, BoA will be on Music Core~ Not Venus of love but Hurri Hurricane Venus~Hurricane Venus good”.

Netizens wrote,

“They are both pretty.”
“Their beauty could go for a match.”
“Their facial expressions and poses are the same. You guys are synced 100%.”

The SM family is really supporting BoA for her new album, right?

cerdits heartfacee @allkpop

yeobo.. ah.. you’re totally gorgeus. i’m so jeallous with BoA-sshi..

[News] BoA’s comment on close friendship with Super Junior’s Heechul!

Singer BoA, who’s been named and called the ‘Tempered brother and sister’ along with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

On the past (July) 24th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ BoA, who in 5 years has released her 6th album and has returned to Korean music industry.

Recently, Kim Heechul uploaded a picture taken with BoA onto his twitter titled the ‘Tempered brother and sister’. It has attracted the attention of many netizens and has become since become a hot topic. BoA stated, “When Kim Heechul uploaded the picture and the phrase (written underneath), he definitely asked to have my permission to do so.”

The reporter then asked about her close friendship with Kim Heechul and she replied, “We’re close. I have a lot of people I’m close to, but only that oppa (Kim Heechul) likes to make it obvious.”

On the other hand, this year will be her 10th anniversary since her debut. Through her official homepage and auction website, Nate, etc. Her full 6th album solo song “Game”’s music video has been revealed. She will start to come out with her promotional activities in the country soon.

Credit: TV Report (Lee KyungNam reporter kn0402@tvreport.co.kr)
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net
Shared by monkeyhyuk@SMTownJjang

Saengil Chukahamnida, Kim Hee Chul. :)

Dear my beloved Heedictator oppa,

10 Juli 2010. 27 tahun atau 28 tahun (di negaramu) yang lalu kau lahir. Sekitar 5 tahun yang lalu, kau mulai debut untuk Super Junior. Di saat itulah orang-orang mulai mengenalmu. Tapi baru sekitar 3 bulan yang lalu aku mengenalmu atau tepatnya mengetahuimi.

Ya, aku memang seorang newbie. Aku hanyalah seorang anak baru  yang masih belum mengetahui semua hal tentangmu. Aku masih tidak mengetahui apa makanan favoritmu, mengapa kau suka sekali dengan menulis puisi dan alasanmu menyukai warna pink. Aku memang masih tidak mengetahui apa-apa.

Mungkin hanya mimpi, aku berharap kau bisa membaca tulisan ini. Dan aku tahu, ada jutaan wanita lain yang juga ingin membaca tulisan mereka mengenaimu. Aku tahu, bukan aku saja yang menyayangimu. Aku tahu itu.

Walaupun aku seorang newbie, aku menyadari satu hal. Belum pernah rasanya aku mengagumi seseorang seperti ini. Seseorang yang sangat jauh, dan tidak akan pernah aku gapai. Aku merasakan apa yang kau rasakan, ketika kau tertawa aku ikut tertawa. Ketika kau menangis saat sahabatmu, Hangeng, meninggalkan Super Junior, aku pun ikut menangis. Aku ikut merasakan apa yang kau rasakan. Kau tahu? Bahkan, ketika aku menulis tulisan ini, aku pun menitikan air mata. Ya, aku memang cengeng. Tapi aku tidak menyesal air mataku terbuang untukmu.

Bahkan, hatiku sakit melihatmu bersama wanita lain. Aku tahu, sebagian itu merupakan tuntutan profesimu sebagai seorang artis, itu hanyalah akting. Ya aku memang berlebihan, seakan-akan kau hanya boleh untukku, milikku, selamanya, seutuhnya. Semua orang juga pasti menginginkannya.

Apa alasanku menyukaimu? Sederhana saja. Keceriaanmu. Hanya dengan melihatmu tersenyum saja sudah membuatku bahagia. Semua orang bilang tingkahmu aneh bahkan mereka menyebutmu gila. Bagiku? Kau unik, justru itu nilai lebih dari dirimu.

Seandainya kau benar-benar membaca tulisanku. Kau mungkin lelah, terlalu panjang? Maaf kalau begitu. Aku tidak bisa memberi hadiah spesial berupa barang mahal yang bisa kau bawa atau pergunakan sehari-hari. Aku tidak bisa, hanya ini yang bisa aku berikan untukmu. Maaf ya..

I just want you know and I just want to said..

Happy Birthday Kim Heechul,

May your hope has been granted

Please, smile, always smile for me

Because that is the reason why i love you

May you always be healthy and happy

Smile Kim hee Chul

And thank you Kim Hee Chul, you’re the best gift who was given by God for me

Saranghaeyo.. :’)

‘I love you’ has never been a part of this. ‘I need you’ has always been in the back of my mind.

HanChul Couple. I miss him too oppa. Don’t worry oppa. What ever you do, I’m here for support you. I always beside you. Remember that.

I will love you forever, even if you don’t love me anymore.

Terima kasih ya, untuk semuanya. Selama 3 bulan ini kau sudah memberikan banyak hal padaku, meskipun bukan secara langsung kau memberikan itu semua padaku. Aku memang bukan perangkai kata yang baik, aku memang tidak begitu pandai membuat puisi sepertimu, dan kata-kata tidak selamanya terangkai secara harmonis. Dan maaf, aku terlambat mengucapkan selamat padamu. Lebih baik terlambat, atau tidak sama sekali.

Happy Birthday Kim Hee Chul, jeongmal saranghaeyo..





Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Goes Blonde?

Following the trend amongst the Super Junior members, Eunhyuk has recently dyed his hair a light shade of blonde. In the previous, there are Leeteuk with Heechul that already has sporting really light brown hair and blonde.


F(x)’s NU ABO featuring DJ Heechul

On SBS Kim HeeChul’s Young Street radio show on 18th June, girlgroup f(x) was the guest appearance on the show.

And during one of the girls’ live performances of ‘NU ABO’, deejay Kim HeeChul stood and danced along with the girls.