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[Photo] SHINee ONEW Teaser Pic

I think he looaks like Taiwan artist… 하하하하하하 ^^V

Onew warns Jung Yonghwa to be good to Seohyun

pict credits : as labelled

SHINee’s Onew has given out a warning to CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa.

On KBS‘ variety program, Night Star, MC Shin Dong Yup had told Jung Yonghwa and Onew to be on good terms with one another since they were the same age.


SHINee at Korean World Cup Festival (update)

Yesterday, SHINee’s performance at Korean World Cup festival was made almost shawol most fussy. There’s too many pictures and videos in that event. I’m sorry because i couldn’t put these all in this post.


[PHOTO] New SHINee SM Goods

Onew sang an ‘aunty’ version of Replay?

In the recent KBS 2TV overnight variety program “Night Star”, Onew and other MCs visit the Rice-cake manufacturing factory and deliver supper for the staffs.