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[Video] Hangeng unleashes Music Video for “My Queen”


Hangeng mentions Heechul @ Shanghai Fanmeet Press Conference + Video Eng Sub

Hangeng Revealed new MVs for debut Mandarin solo album


Hangeng releases first MV of trilogy series

credit : gengfans @youtube

Hangeng reveals third song from Mandarin album

After revealing Hangeng’s second track Wings of Love a few days ago, the singer unleashed his third track earlier today from his Mandarin album entitled Heartache. In Memory.

Check this audio out below!


Hangeng releases second track, Wings of Love

2nd Song of his first solo album 庚心 (Gengxin). This song may be familiar as it used to be a fan written song for HanGeng. Original lyrics and tune are all done by a fan. The chorus in the end were also done by fans. This song can be seen as HanGeng’s present to us.

Credits : shinigamikirasama@youtube.

Hangeng releases Geng Xin solo album teaser

Hangeng has revealed the teaser for his upcoming album. His album will release on the 27th of July, the teaser for his MV which was shot in New Zealand has been revealed, with a movie like storyline and high production values. (more…)