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Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yu Na’s Smile Boy rock version MV

Once the festival starts in June, the world is going to become immersed in a sea of red! The Fifa 2010 World Cup opens up once every four years, and it is no exception to leave out supportive songs! During the months of April through May, about 30 various World Cup songs became publicized. (more…)

Music Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna cheer on South Korea with World Cup Song

Kim Yuna really does work with the best and after Big Bang, the figure skating queen meets the “emperor” Lee Seung Gi for another World Cup song collaboration.


T-ara ‘We Are The One’ MV for 2010 World Cup

setelah merilis foto konsep dan MV Teaser sebelum nya, lagu world cup T-Ara yang berjudul ‘We’re One’ telah rilis MV nya. hanya dalam waktu 2 jam, MV yang keluar jam 1 siang waktu korea ini sudah menduduki urutan pertama di chart GOM TV. dibantu 500 orang fans. Enjoy this video below!

Kara release MV ‘We’re With You’ for 2010 World Cup!

setelah merilis MV teaser individu dan grup, Kara akhir nya merilis MV full dari lagu Piala Dunia 2010, yang berjudul ‘We’re With You’. Enjoy!

taken from koreanindo.wordpress.com