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Lee Soo Man and The SM’s Management staff came to Jakarta?


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Hanteo releases results for “2010 Singer Award”


[Video] 2AM reveals teaser for their 3D movie, “2AM Show”


Hangeng developed suicidal thoughts while with SM Entertainment

The worst thing that could possibly happen to a celebrity, that is, ending your life early due to large amounts of stress, almost happened to Super Junior’s Hangeng.

The singer recently made an appearance on a Taiwanese program titled Shen Chunhua Life Show, where he revealed, “While with SM [Entertainment], I was building so much stress that at one point, I just wanted to commit suicide.

He continued in tears, “It was just too hard, living in Korea. Having the thoughts of hanging myself in my mind was worse. Just thinking of the possibilities at the time made everything so difficult.”

To further add to the saddened environment, a letter from his father in Beijing which basically stated his greetings to his ‘long lost’ son, and the endless love that he shares with him, was given to Hangeng during the show, leading him to drop tears.

Hangeng is currently in Taiwan promoting his debut album.

Source: Tvdaily.co.kr

[PHOTO] 100812 Heechul and BoA


[Photo+News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min ideal type

Hyun Joong and Jung Min Ideal Type of Girl

Hyun Joong:


2PM Taecyeon “I want to kiss Kim Hyun Joong”

2PM Nichkhun exposed the reality of Taecyeon’s soccer skills.

On an episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Relay, 2PM revealed the scene of their summer advertisement filming set with the ocean as their background.


CN Blue At Star Chosun Interview

pict credit : as labelled

Mission Code

Each of CN Blue members will given mission which is containing specific information to share questions and gives the answer. The time limit is less than 5 minutes, they have to quickly give the answer. If they skip the correct answer, mission will goes wrong. After the timeout, everyone won’t give chance for correction :
If the two do not have match answer : they have to talk about each one solved, with all the heads together and figure out the answer. (Members perform all penalties)


Yong Hwa Featured in Stuff Magazine (July Issue)


CN Blue Jonghyun and Jungshin at KBS Cool FM Sukira

Transcript translated by saturn@soompi

The topic was’ First love’.
Mostly they just read letters from listeners. Questions to the guests were few.

Teuk: What do you remind first if you think of your first love?
Jong Hyun: Son Ye Jin. She resembled Son Ye Jin, really pretty.
Jung Shin: Cat’s eyes. She had cat’s eyes.