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[Chart] CN Blue’s 3rd Japanese Single Re-Maintenance Ranks #1 at Billboard Japan and Oricon Chart


[Chart] YongSeo Banmal Song Topped ALL Real-time Charts in Korea

Below are just few charts Saturn shared in Soompi. As this article is written, Banmal Song from CN blue’s Yong Hwa in MBC’s Reality Show, We Got Married was topped ALL real-time charts in Korea. (more…)

JYJ & TVXQ Dominate HMV Daily Ranking Charts



Best K-pop Song: 2AM’s “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”

Best Pop Song: Ke$ha’s “TiK ToK”

Best OST Song: Lim Jae Bum’s “Stigma” from the ‘Chuno‘ OST

Album of the Year: 2NE1’s “To Anyone”

Artist of the Year: SNSD

Rookie of the Year: miss A

Longest Winning Streak: IU & 2AM’s Seulong’s “Nagging”

Twitter Choice: miss A’s “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Song of the Year: 2AM’s “Can’t Let Yo Go Even If I Die”

2010 TOP 50:


[Chart] MelOn 2010 TOP Album Chart

On January 7th, music portal site MelOn Unveiled the results for their “2010 TOP 100 Album Chart“. The results (more…)

Hanteo releases results for “2010 Singer Award”


Bug’s Top 100 songs of 2010


[Video] M!Countdown August 12th : G.NA Got #1!


South Korea’s 100 Most Popular Stars of 2010

2 2PM
3 Big Bang
4 Super Junior
5 f(x)
6 SHINee
7 C.N Blue
8 2AM
9 Taeyang
10 After School
11 (more…)

[Video] SBS Inkigayo August 8th : SHINee Wins Mutizen Award!

Congratulation Shawols! hope SHINee will gain more award :))

Show others performance : (more…)

[Video] Today’s Inkigayo : Miss A gets Mutizen Award!


[Video] Music Bank July 30th : SHINee Got NO.1 in K-CHART!

SHINee – Lucifer

other performance (more…)

[Video] SBS Inkigayo : Taeyang wins Mutizen again!

Performer List :

  • Comeback Specials
  • Shinee “Up & Down + Lucifer”
    ChaeYeon “Crazy + Look x3 / 봐봐봐”

  • Hot Debut
  • Rottyful Sky “No Way”

  • Goodbye Special
  • Super Junior “No Other Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어+ Bonamana / 미인아(Remix ver.)”

  • Take 7
  • Taeyang “I Need A Girl”
    Son DamBi “Queen”
    miss A “Bad Girl Good Girl”
    Brown Eyed Girls Narsha “Bbi Ri Bba Bba”

  • Summer Special
  • One Two “Very Good”
    Jang Yoon Jung “Olleh (remix ver.)”
    Sistar “Push Push”
    JooSuc “Pop & Drop”

  • Hot Music
  • Gina Choi w. BEAST Yoon DoJoon “Leaving So You Can Live Better / 꺼져줄게 잘 살아”
    Teen Top “Clap / 박수”
    Ze:A “Level Up / 이별드립”
    T-ara’s JiYeon and SoYeon “What should we finish / 뭐라고 끝낼까”
    Black Pearl “Go Go Ssing / 고고씽”
    December “Came by Myself / 혼자 왔어요”

  • Power Rookie
  • Apple Girl Kim YeoHee “My Music / 나의 노래”

    Performer List’s credit : Daily kpop news

    Without further ado. check these video out! (more…)

    Latest Korean Idol Groups Ranking at Daum Cafe

    01. DBSK: 773,051 ↓2889
    02. Bigbang: 357,541 ↓ 1692
    03. SNSD: 304,528 ↑ 507
    04. SS501: 254,334 ↓11081
    05. 2PM: 225,203 ↓ 4571
    06. Superjunior: 196,784 ↓ 480 (manful24)
    07. Shinwa: 115,313↓ 270
    08. SHINee: 114,879 ↓ 2837
    09. Wonder girls: 107,383 ↓ 1
    10. (more…)

    Top 10 Male Artist “Sweaty cool guys”


    [Video] Many Performance at M!countdown July 15th

    Performer :

    Taeyang – Solar, I Need a Girl
    Miss A – Baby One More Time, Abracadabra, I Go Crazy becouse of You, Bad Girl Goog Girl
    Hyuna – Change
    4minute – I My Me Mine
    2AM – Special Ballad Performance
    ZE:A – Hey Come On, Come Back Again
    G.NA – Rumors, I’ll Back Off so You Can Live
    Sori – Got
    CN Blue – It’s Raining, Only Look at Me, I don’t Care, Heart breaker, Love Light, Love
    MBLAQ – Lies, Sorry Sorry, Mirotic, Y


    Top 20 Male with High Quality Voice

    4.Kim Hyun Joong(SS501)
    6.Kyu Hyun(SJ)
    7.Lee Hong Ki (F.TIsland)
    9.Ye Sung(SJ)
    10 (more…)

    [Video] SBS Inkigayo July 11th, Super Junior win 1st Mutizen for ‘No Other’

    After celebrating a K-Chart win on Music Bank with No other. Today, they win 1st mutizen with the same. Congratulation for Super Junior Junior and also ELF ^^

    performer list : Super Junior, Kan Mi Yeon, Girl’s Day, Black Pearl, Infinite, SISTAR, ZE:A, Teen Top, CN Blue, Miss A, Son DamBi, Narsha, 4minute, Taeyang


    [Video] Today’s Music Core (July 10th)

    Today’s Performer:
    ♬ Comeback stage
    Son Dam Bi / 손담비『Queen + Can’t U See』

    ♬ Hot stage
    Taeyang『I need a girl』
    Super Junior『No Other Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어』
    4minute『I My Me Mine』
    miss A『Bad Girl Good Girl』

    ♬ New Song (more…)

    ONEW’s 2nd Album Concept photo release is ranking 1-3 on Nate articles

    Credit : lala_land @ soompi
    Source : forever SHINee’s Blog

    2010 Half Year Top 10 K-Pop songs based on Soompi chart

    We have already passed the half way point of 2010, and it is time again to summarize the top k-pop songs in the last six months, based on their performances on our weekly SOOMPI chart. Just like the year end ranking, the half year ranking is calculated based on each songs’ accumulated weekly scores, plus factors including its chart position, its competition level on each week, and a seasonal adjustment to award songs which is released later in the year.

    1. Kara – 루팡 (Lupin)

    Score: 5803
    Genre: Pop / Dance
    Music: Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Soo / Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon
    Album: Kara mini-album Vol. 3 Track 2

    2. CNBlue – 외톨이야 (Loner)

    Score: 5545
    Genre: Rock
    Music: Kim Do Hoon, Lee Sang Ho / Lyrics: Han Sung Ho, Amen
    Album: CNBlue 1st mini-album “Bluetory” Track 1

    3. 2AM – 죽어도 못 보내 (Can’t Send You Even If I Die)

    Score: 5220
    Genre: Pop Ballad
    Music + Lyrics: Bang Shi Hyuk
    Album: 2AM mini-album “Can’t Send You Even If I Die” Track 2 (more…)

    [Video] Super Junior Won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with No Other, and More Performances at Music Bank July 9th

    Having won a triple crown with BONAMANA earlier, the Super Junior boys were back and won their 4th K-Chart of 2010 with No Other. Congratulations to Super Junior and ELF!

    Check the other video out below!


    [Video] Today’s M!Countdown

    Today’s Performer : Electro Boys, One Two, ZEA, Miss A, T-Max, Kwak Hyun Hwa-psycho, Sori, Taeyang, 4Minute, Lyn, Sistar, Sonnet, SookHee feat Jewelry’s Ha Jooyeon-One Love

    Electro Boys – Incoming Call

    One Two – Very Good


    Level Up


    Top Male Artists netizens wants to spend summer with

    Summer is officially in South Korea as more and more summer-related surveys are being published. However, on another survey verified by Max Movies – netizens have picked SNSD’s Yoona and Lee Seunggi as the top female and male artists they want to spend the hottest season with.

    And along the list, C.N.BLUE’s frontman Jung Yonghwa has received 6 percent of the votes. The netizens have voted and he has managed to land on fourth spot along other representatives from 2PM, 2AM and Bigbang.