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[Image] Netizens parody f(x)’s retro “Pinocchio” teasers

While waiting for f(x)’s “Pinocchio” comeback, netizens have been spending their time creating parody teasers of the group’s unique retro images.

Amongst other idol parodies are the ‘big bosses’ – Lee Soo Man, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and Kim Young Min – from the ‘big three’ agencies.

Netizens have hilariously nicknamed them the ‘Boss Group‘.

Fans commented, “I want the Boss Group to debut!”, “The teaser is pretty no matter who you make it with”, and “I want to f(x) soon!”

Meanwhile, f(x) will be releasing their title track on April 18th, followed by their official comeback performance on “Music Bank” on the 22nd.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Credit : VITALSIGN via Allkpop
Re-post by Redtofu via Blueterritory

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