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[News] Second and Third Couple for MBC’s We Got Married Revealed

MBC’s “We Got Married” have revealed that they’ve add two couple after the end of YongSeo couple and Adam Couple.

They picked up T-ara’s Ham Eunjung and Actor Lee Jang Woo(25) as the second couple whose they revealed and the second couple are Singer Kim Won Joon (38) and actress Park So Hyun (40) as the final third couple for MBC’s “We Got Married“

A program representative stated, “There were over 100 candidates who auditioned and we were in the midst of finding a good match of characters. As the show progressed, new couples came in for interviews. Lee Jang Woo and Ham Eunjung were 2 out of 100 that were considered and chosen eventually.”

The producers were then asked about Eunjung and Jang Woo’s progress, to which they responded, “It was their first meeting, so thing were a bit awkward, but recording took place in a fun environment. Jang Woo has the gift of gab in addition to a comical personality, so he did well in leading everything. A camera staff member (who has been with the show since episode one) even went as far as to choose Eunjung and Jang Woo as one of the top three funniest couples in the show’s history.”

They continued, “Eunjung is a girl that any guy would like, and Lee Jang Woo is the type of guy that any girl would like. We definitely think that they’ll be working well together.”

According to info released about Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun became a third couple, a representative of “We Got Married” stated, “We’ve mostly had idol couples, so we decided to go with a different route by showcasing the love story of an older and more experienced couple.”

Taken From Allkpop

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