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[News] Kim Heechul injures left eye in SS3 Shanghai

While Super Junior having fun with their fans in Shanghai for Super Show 3, unfortunate incident happened.

Member Kim Heechul injures his left eye because of a LED fanboard thrown by a fan. After that he immediately went backstage to treat the injury. He wasn’t able to finish the rest of the show and stayed backstage until the concert ended.

Meanwhile, Miss A Jia who happened to be Heechul’s friend phone call him and she lay his message on her Weibo account:

“Heenim: 날 맞춘 팬도 우울해하지 말으렴 일부러 그런것도 아니니 쿨하게 다음 중국에서 만날날을 기다립시다~~다음부터 안그러면 되는거니 절대 이런일 없도록 합시다:) Updated by Miss A Jia weibo”

TRANSLATION by @the_Chess:

“Heenim : Don’t be depressed, The fan who hit me. You didn’t do that on purpose, so Let’s wait for the day meet again in China ~ It’s okay It won’t happen again from now on. Let us never do that 🙂 Updated by Miss A Jia weibo “

Another friend of Heechul also phone call him and said:

RT @SANGCHUKANGCHU: @Heedictator SuJu’s fans! I had a phone call with Heechulie, he asked us not to worry, and said ‘Man should have a wound on the face. Isn’t it manly?”. Seems like it’s upset and tough even though he said like that. Please don’t throw whatever thing to the stage! Heechul said he can’t use twitter.
RT @SANGCHUKANGCHU: @Heedictator 슈주팬분들! 희철이랑 통화했는데 걱정하지말라고 얼굴에 상처 하나정도는 있어야지 좀 남자답지 않냐고 하네요. 말은 그렇게 해도 속상해하고 힘들어 하는 듯.. 무대위로 뭐 던지지 마세요! 희철이 트위터가 안된데요. 약 50분 전 twtkr에서 작성된 글

trans by: Jinn8812ELF@twitter


<object style=”height: 390px; width: 640px”><param name=”movie” value=”http://www.youtube.com/v/fdFgHcQxdmc?version=3″><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”><param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”></object>


And this is his condition after that accident 😦 [March 6,2011]


source: Heecul, @SANGCHUKANGCHU, Miss A Jia, dkpopnews, allkpop, starjunior
photo: as tagged
video: YangNSJ @YouTube
shared: heedina

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