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[News] Indonesian and Filipino SONE’s petitions featured on Sportchosun

“We want SNSD!”

SNSD’s popularity seems to be endless.

Recently, SONEs from Indonesia and Phillipines signed petitions to request for SNSD concerts in their countries. With the ongoing Asian Tour/performances in countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc, the demand and craze for the girls are indeed on the rise. With videos of their performances and shows on popular video sites such as YouTube, SNSD were being introduced to fans all over the world and this has also contributed to the increasing number of SNSD’s fans in Indonesia and The Philippines.

For the proposal of the concert in Indonesia, it was said that the ticket price for the concert will not exceed 2 million Rupiah (251,400 Won or about US$223). Indonesia SONEs stated, “We need to know how many are interested to see SNSD performing in Jakarta. Therefore, we need to have as much of these simple petitions filled and hopefully, this would expediate the proposal to the next level”. Since the campaign started, 500 fans have already signed the petition (in fact, as per February 9th, 3500-4000 have signed).

The same goes for SONEs in Philippines. At the beginning of this month, Filipino SONEs also expressed their intention by stating, “We hope SNSD’s Asia Tour will include The Philippines as well”. As of February 11th, more than 1000 fans have signed the online petition. It’s a rare occurance that fans have petition signing campaign to request foreign artistes to perform in their countries and their interest and efforts were also reported on Kpoplive and other media.

However, for SNSD to have a concert, it is never an easy decision to make. When concerts are being held abroad, there are many things to consider such as the suitability of the venues, the schedules of the artists and the venues as well as the competency and sufficiency of concert staff.

A representative of SM Entertainment said, “We sincerely thank SNSD’s beloved fans for their support. Now, it is difficult to tell if there is going to be a performance but, this year, we will try to meet fans in more countries”.

Credit: sportschosun.com/yoongislove@Twitter

credits: fanwonders.com

source: dkpopnews

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