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[Not Confirmed] Will @SoundRhythm Bring 2PM to Indonesia?

One of  Indonesian promotor, @SoundRhythm, was reply my mention on twitter. They asked to #Kpopfans about 2PM. And yeah, they have plan to bring 2PM to Indonesia!

Hmm, that is a very good news for Hottest. And yeah I’m so happy when I read their tweet. Well, I’m so surprised when I open my mention on twitter. So many mention from them! Haha..

Translation: Cool. Thanks RT “@ndiiin: ABSOLUTELY! *.* RT @SoundRhythm: #Kpop fans, 2PM is OK, isn’t it?”

Well guys, let’s pray for them! And for Indonesian ELFs who ask about Super Junior, they said that Super Junior still theit priority, but I sthink we still must waiting until we get confirmation from them. Yeah you know, so much Indonesian promotors want to bring Super Junior to Indonesia.

Ah, I hope they can bring Super Junior and 2PM to Indonesia. Or, others KPop artists!! Kpop fans, let’s pray for Indonesian promotors to bring Kpop artists to Indonesia x)

twitter: @SoundRhythm
credits: heedina @blueterritory.wordpress.com

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