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[Chart] YongSeo Banmal Song Topped ALL Real-time Charts in Korea

Below are just few charts Saturn shared in Soompi. As this article is written, Banmal Song from CN blue’s Yong Hwa in MBC’s Reality Show, We Got Married was topped ALL real-time charts in Korea.

Saturn’s Personal Notes:

It’s exactly after a year. ‘I’m A Loner’ released on Jan.14.2010, it took 5 days to All-Kill.
‘LOVE’ couldn’t hit All-Kill, it was 2nd in Melon.
This song, ‘Song For First Time Couples’ [Banmal Song] took only 24 hours, and it’s written(lyrics) and composed by Yonghwa himself!
I hope it gives him a fortune, (it must be 🙂 ) and it’s the best promotion for their regular album.
(What a leader…)

    Credit+Source: saturn@soompi

Taken from CN Blue storm

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  1. Gerz

    where to download??

    January 16, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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