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Photos from 2010 JYP Nation – Team Play Concert

After weeks of preparation, the first-ever 2010 JYP Nation – Team Play Concert took place at the Seoul Olympic Stadium as JYP Entertainment artists enjoyed a memorable Christmas Eve with fans.

Led by their mentor, Park Jin Young (JYP), the JYP lineup of 2PM, Wonder Girls, miss A, Joo, J.Lim and San E came together to put on a special show for fans. In addition, as a show of friendship, long-time friend and colleague, Rain also made a special appearance.

Living up to the concert’s concept of team play, the artists put on a dazzling show of special collaborative stages to hit songs like “Don’t Leave Me“, “Tell Me“, “Breathe“, etc although the most eye-catching stage would be “Heartbeat” as the girls linked up with the 2PM boys.

Following immediately after the conclusion of JYP Nation’s concert, was JYP’s “Bad Party – The Dancer‘ concert which is currently taking place (started at midnight) at the same location.

Check out the concert photos which certainly looks a helluva lot of fun!

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credits photos: as tagged
source: allkpop

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