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[News] First “JYP Nation – Team Play” concert delivers explosive performances!

Park Jin Young, Wonder Girls, 2PM, miss A, JOO, San E and Lim Jeong Hee rallied together to deliver a knock-out collaboration concert titled, ”JYP Nation – Team Play“.

Though 2AM wasn’t present for the event (they had their own solo concert on the same day), the remaining JYPE artists still rocked the house at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

It was not only a chance to catch the rarely seen Wonder Girls back on their home turf, but it was also an opportunity to witness JYPE artists performing each other’s songs.

Including the encore stage, JYP Nation performed a total of 27 songs. The only time when artists sang their own songs was during the Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears“, 2PM’s ‘I Hate You‘, and Lim Jeong Hee’s ‘It Can’t Be Real‘.

The other 23 songs were collaborations that challenged the limits of gender in performances.

The concert started with San E’s ‘Tasty San‘, which featured special backup dancers: So Hee, Sun Ye, and miss A’s Jia and Fei shook their booties to San E’s powerful raps. So Hee and Sunye later replaced Min and Suzy for a performance of ‘Breathe’ with Jia and Fei.

The male singers did remarkably well covering songs from their female labelmates. 2PM’s Chansung and San E participated in ‘So Hot‘, while 2PM’s Junho, Taecyeon, and Nichkhun covered miss A’s ‘Bad Girl Good Girl‘ with JYP. Fans screamed as the boys delivered perfectly coy poses and sexy bootypoppin’.

However, the female JYP singers surpassed their male counterparts in terms of charisma. Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun, Yubin, Sohee, Sunye, and Miss A’s Fei and Jia became a female 2PM. Performing “Heartbeat“, their dance and facial expressions were powerful and charismatic; the ‘human pyramid’ dance was especially impressive as the female singers completed the top half of the pyramid, while the men supported them from below.

With remixes of original songs, the concert became even more heated. 2PM’s ‘Without U‘ was changed into a sensual tango which partnered up Taecyeon, Chansung, Junho, and Nichkhun with Ye Eun, Yubin, Fei, and JOO.

During JYP’s ‘The House You Live In‘, Chansung and Wooyoung teamed up with Ye Eun and JOO to musically act out the parts of couples breaking up and regretting.

To blow it up even further, former JYPE singers Rain and g.o.d’s Son Ho Young and Kim Tae Woo joined JYP Nation as special guests.

Son Ho Young and Kim Tae Woo brought back g.o.d’s hit songs with 2PM and the Wonder Girls, while Rain surprised the audience with a cameo during JYP’s ‘I Have a Woman‘. Rain also performed ‘It’s Raining‘ with 2PM as his dancers.

JYP Nation united to sing JYP’s ‘Don’t Leave Me‘ together, and ended the concert with an encore of JYP Nation’s first Christmas carol, ‘This Christmas‘.

This was JYP Entertainment’s first collaboration concert, despite the agency being founded 10 years ago. ‘JYP Nation Team Play’ provided 2.5 hours of non-stop entertainment and gave its 12,000-member audience a Christmas gift that they’ll never forget.

Also, just because the ‘JYP Nation’ concert ended didn’t mean that it was a wrap for JYP.

As soon as the last notes of the encore rang out, JYP immediately proceeded with his “Bad Party – The Dancer” concert, which was held at the same venue. For being 39 years old, he’s got an indefatigable amount of stamina!

Source: My Daily
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