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Who’s Lee Yoonhee???

HELLO~~ I’m back with new fact 🙂 tralalala singing
are you miss me??? kkkk~~

Not many people know about Lee Yeonhee, but she is one of the successful actresses SM has put out. She starred in many of their artists’ music video, including Zhang Liyin’s “I Will” and “My Lover.” She starred as the angel in SM the Ballad’s “Miss You.”

She has just been featured in a photoshoot, and fans are amazed at how long her legs are. The photoshoot seems to focus more on her overall body than her face, which is understandable because she has always been praised for her flawless body.

Here are teaser pictures form the photoshoot. What do you think of her bodyline?

Lee Yeonhee’s photoshoot catches fans’ attention,

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