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[Dec 09, 2010] SHINee’s Minho celebrates his 20th birthday!

On December 9th, SHINee’s Minho celebrated his 20th birthday and penned a message on the group’s official website to commemorate this occasion.

He wrote,

[Hello~ It’s Minho. ^^]

Hello~ I’m SHINee’s blazing charisma, Minho!

Everyone who have been together with us since our debut….

I’ve already celebrated my 20th birthday~

Whew…. Time goes fast, doesn’t it? ^^

Thanks to everyone who have supported us for 2 and a half years

I was able to create unforgettable memories and experiences~

Thank you again and again~

I’m sad that we weren’t able to celebrate my birthday together this year

But we’ll still be meeting at the awards show~

We’re also working hard on preparing for our first concert

And we’ll keep doing better activites so that we…

Can become more happy and create only good experiences~ ^^

Thank you~ Always…

Since it’s my birthday~ 4 pictures~! keke

Super Junior’s Donghae has also wished him a happy birthday via his Twitter, “Today is Min ho birthday !! Happy birthday My bro ! I love u man !! God bless u !!”

Source: SHINee’s Official Site / Donghae’s Twitter

One response

  1. jazzy

    he’s so cute !!

    January 16, 2012 at 1:49 pm

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