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[Video] 2AM reveals teaser for their 3D movie, “2AM Show”

“2AM Show” is formatted in the style of concert, but it features never-before-seen footage and stories. Having just released their first official album, “Saint O’Clock“, this is the first time the group will be entering the world of 3-D content for their first ever concert movie.

Produced by New Media Culture Contents (a company that aims to re-create concerts, musicals, and sports events into 3D movies), the film is scheduled to come out for December 9th. For those of you who are keening for more details, we’ve got the movie’s teaser video, as well a translation of the boys’ comments from their November 24th press conference.

Check them out below!

Interview: Seulong
“We’re here today to hold the press conference for our 3D movie showcase, ‘2AM Show.’ We’re extremely excited and hope to see it soon.”

Interview: Jinwoon
“3D is a highly popular trend lately. I feel very proud in being able to show everyone 3D images of ourselves and hope we can release it soon.”

Interview: Changmin
“Hello, this is 2AM. Jo Kwon was not able to make it today due to a schedule. For this 3D movie, we had to do more exaggerated movements in order to give it that 3D feel. Since we sing mainly ballads, we were a bit restricted in that area, but we did try our best to reach out into the audience as best as we could.”

Source + Photos: Newsen

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