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[News] 2PM Tecyeon, Wooyoung and Miss A Suzy cast in new KBS musical drama “Dream High”

2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, and Miss A’s Suzy have been casted for the uncoming KBS musical drama “Dream High.”

Taecyeon will be playing the role of Jin Kook, a stellar dancer who was expelled from school for his passion, but returns by request of the chairman of the school, Girin Arts High School. Taecyeon commented “I am really excited and have high expectations for this new production. I have greater anticipation for this drama since it deals with music and I get to work with a lot of great people.”

Wooyoung has been casted as Kevin, a dancer from New York who learns to work and perform with his Korean colleagues. Suzy will be Hyemi, a vocal arts student who is also the love interest for Taecyeon’s character.

Actor Kim Soo Hyun will act alongside the JYP artists as the male lead, Song Sam Dong.

“Dream High” is a collaboration between major companies JYP Entertainment, KEYEAST, and CJ Media. Bae Yong Joon, a highly recognized veteran actor, and Park Jin Young, CEO of JYP Entertainment, will partcipate in the production and musical arrangment as well.

The 16-episode series will begin airing on January 3, 2011 on Mondays and Tuesdays.

cr: AsiaE, tvdaily.co.kr
taken from :Soompi

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