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[Photos] SNSD realeased photos comeback their 3rd Mini Album “Hoot” in Korea!

Sorry, i never been post some news for long time. Really busy and tired with my school schedule and suddenly my computer was broken. :(( Well forget about it. Now i’m really excited with SNSD comeback! Yeah!! 😀

Many of you are eagerly awaiting Shoujo Jidai (SNSD’s) release of their Japanese version of ‘Gee’ on October 20th. However, before that happens SNSD’s official website at SMTown has recently been updated with their Korean comeback with various teasers and photos for their 3rd mini album ‘Hoot’.

The girls are scheduled to reveal their much anticipated MV teaser on October 24th and the ‘Hoot’ mini album will be released on the 27th. They will be doing comeback on Music Bank October 29.

Wuah! I really excited with their comeback! CAN’T WAIT!! xD

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos: as tagged + SNSD’s Official Website

source: allkpop

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