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2PM To Debut In Japan

Two years after their hot debut, the beastly boys of 2PM are switching gears and heading to Japan. They have signed with Sony Music’s Ariola Japan. A DVD titled “Hottest ~ 2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History” with seven music videos and more will be released on November 24th.


MBC ‘2010 Idol Star Dance Battle’ performances

It’s an idol group explosion this week, as many idol groups came together for special episodes of various TV shows for the ongoing Chuseok festivities.

The ‘2010 Idol Star Dance Battle’ was recently broadcast, where many popular groups such as missA, SECRET, 4minute, After School, BEAST, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, INFINITE, 2AM, and IU, took to serious challenges.  On the other hand, the funniest of gag women, Jung Juri, Kim Shin Young, and Kim Jisun, battled it out with a vast range of parody performances.


BEAST reveals SOOM MV teaser

credits: Beast Official YouTube Channel

[230910] Kim Heechul became ‘crapulous and homeless’ after drinking a cup of “take-out coffee”

Kim Heechul’s recent homelessness photo had caught the attention from fans.

On the 22th, SBS Radio PowerFM ‘Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet’ revealed a photo showing DJ Kim Heechul’s sloppy look.

In the photo, Kim Heechul is wearing t-shirt and pants, side laying on the sofa with a tired-looking face. The author explained the reason of posting up this photo, “recently he loves to shoot this kind of photos very much. Kim Heechul said, ‘Since I am the universe big star, I should look more mysterious, hence I want to shoot this kind of photos of myself without any make-up and looking sloppy.’”

The author added, “this is only one part of our DJ Hee’s story, we will share more with you about his story in the future, so everyone please anticipate about it”, arousing laughter.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Heechul oppa should be covered with newspapers”, “beggar Hee still look charismatic”,etc.

Source: TVDaily
Translated by: lovecraze@SJ-World.net
Reup/Shared: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits

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