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SM Entertainment says Youtube Is Important

After the smashing success of SM Entertainment’s concert in LA, SM Entertainment had an interview with KBS World stating how Youtube is so powerful in updating and attracting fans all around the globe.

SM Entertainment said

“YouTube plays an important role in attracting fans from all around the world.”

Thanks to the Internet, fans of Super Junior and Shinee living in East Asian countries could sing and dance along with Super Junior and Shinee even when they first visited their country. And the Internet also established the foundation that could attract 20,000 fans to the debut showcase of Girls Generation held in Japan.

The representative of SM Japan, Nam So Young, said, “At this moment, even before the official debut of Girls Generation, there are continuous inquiries from many music stores in Japan including Tower Record about the new album from Girls Generation that will be released in Japan. Girls Generation has already become famous in Japan as they have been publicized through the Internet so far, and so they are performing activities in Japan not as rookie singers, but as ‘Asia’s number one star girl group.’”

Source: KBS Global

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