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[FanCam] 100905 SMTOWN


Right after Mi’s duet with Luna, Henry came out and people went crazy again!! Heenim kissing Henry killed everyone, haha! – taken by: pri3an@sj-world.net

Credit: slutmin@yt/@slutmin(twitter)


First SJ performance (as a group) of the night! I loooooooooooooooved it! You can hear by the craziness (pardon that). HenMi being there made it the perfect intro performance of SJ to me (I mean it’s the first ever live performance I’ve seen of SJ). – taken by pri3an@sj-world.net

Mi was the first SJ member to perform and when he came out, people went crazy! He’s soooo adorable! – taken by pri3an@sj-world.net

One response

  1. Sky-chii

    Heenim! He kissed Henry!!!
    Henry looked kinda surprised, haha. People don’t do that in America…

    Henry Lau is hot. ♥
    Saranghaeyo Kim Heechul!

    SeoKyu duet = ❤

    May 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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