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Eliot Kennedy, a World Class producer Praised FT Island and CNBlue!

“FT Island and CNBlue are great bands.”

Eliot Kennedy, who have been the producer of the world-class singers, like Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, etc. highly praised FT Island and CNBlue.

Since Kennedy had to select the Asian Spice Girls, he paid a visit to Seoul. In the press conference held in Intercontinental Hotel of 25th, He said the above words to the representative of FNC Music.

It is said that Kennedy was very surprised to know that FT Island and CNBlue are in the same company and they are responsible in every parts of their music production. Therefore, he expressed his wish to meet the staff of FNC Music to the responsible personnel before he started his journey. And his hope was granted.

The representative of FNC was really grateful with the praise given by this world class producer. He said, “There is an unspeakable energy in Eliot Kennedy’s music. I remembered that before I become famous, I got a lot of inspiration from his songs.”

After the visit to Seoul, Eliot Kennedy will visit Hong Kong, Japan, China, India and other South Asia countries to select representatives of each countries. And he will choose 5 girls to be the Asian version of Spice Girls eventually.

Source: sports.chosun.com
Korean to Chinese translation: karekano
Chinese to Korean translation: riceleung@CNBluestorm
Taken from CN Blue storm

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