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CN Blue’s Asia Tour Brings In More Than 3 Billion KRW

CN Blue has rise up to be the epitome of the Hallyu Wave.

Their Asia Tour will start in Singapore on August 21st, and CN Blue is estimated to bring in revenue of more than 3 billion KRW (from the ticket sales). It has not been a year since their debut so this is rather an extraordinary achievement for them.

About 6,000 tickets were sold in 3 cities in Japan; Osaka (Sept 16th), Nagoya (Sept 18th) and Tokyo (Sept 20th) while tickets in Singapore (2,000 seats) and Taipei, Taiwan (4,000 seats) were also sold out. Sales for all these tickets amount to 2 billion KRW. Tickets in Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong Kong are expected to be sold out too and that will bring in another 1 billion KRW.

This is in fact looks like a surprising ‘phenomenon’, however CN Blue is not going to increase the size of the venues. The most important thing is their principle which is to give good quality performances for their fans. On July 31st CN Blue had their first concert in Seoul. All 2,000 tickets were sold out within minutes they were opened for sale. Many fans were devastated they could not obtain the tickets to “Listen To The CN Blue”.

*3 billion KRW is about 2.5 million USD.

Disclaimer: Simplified translation from me, again this might not be 100% accurate but I tried to convey what the article is about. The original article can be read here. ~fizzy

Source: news@Hankooki

Translated by: fizzy@cnbluestorm

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