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Boa “Be in love with Heechul? Would feel tired due to too much prettiness…WonBin is my ideal type”

On the evening of the 9th, Boa appeared on SBS Power FM (107.7 MHz) radio show “Kim Heechul’s Young Street”

Boa and Heechul are called the “personality siblings” in the music industry. For loyalty’s sake, Boa who just made a comeback chose to first appear on Heechul’s radio show, it is also Boa’s first time recording for a radio show after 5 years.

During the broadcast one of the listeners asked: “Have ever you treated Kim Heechul as someone of the opposite sex? Ever had thoughts of getting together with Heechul?” In reply, Boa answered “(If it’s like this it’d be) very tiring, would feel very tired”, after which she added “(it is because Heechul is) too pretty”

Hearing such a reply from Boa, Heechul laughed and said “Which man on earth could possibly match with the world’s hottest star Boa! I reckon only the ET can!”

Boa interacted with the listeners in this episode, with regards to the listners’ questions, she answered them without delay. When asked: “Who is the artiste that you’d like to be closer to?”, after a few moments of thinking, Boa answered “WonBin”

Hence, DJ Heechul imitated Wonbin’s voice and Boa suddenly said angrily “Don’t cause Wonbin to be scolded by others”, her joking statement caused non-stop laughter in the studio.

Source: StarNews
Korean > Chinese translation: 嘉敏@ sjfans.cn
Chinese > English translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net

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