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[Video] M!Countdown August 12th : G.NA Got #1!


Rainbow Reveals ‘A’ Music Video!

click HERE to show the teaser

Credit : randomkpop@youtube

[Video] Nine Muses unleashes ‘No Playboy’ MV

Check their MV below before they doing debut stage. They’re look sexy in this video. And i like their song.

credits: NineMusesEmpires @ YouTube

[VID] Super Junior & SNSD – 100812 SPAO Making Film

source: SPAO
pinkninjaish1 @ YouTube

[PHOTO] Super Junior Pre-Debut part 1


SHINee’s Minho will start dancing for the ‘Lucifer’ performance on Music Core this week!

ah, Minho!! i’m glad to hear you will be dancing again. i really miss you! :-*

After three weeks of not dancing alongside the rest of the SHINee members, Minho will finally be doing so this week after completing his recovery from injury!

On August 12th, the day of recording for MBC’s Music Core, Minho will be dancing with the members for their Lucifer performance.

SM Entertainment, through a phone call with Newsen, stated, “Starting from today (12th), Minho will be dancing. You will be able to see all five members perform starting from this week’s Music Core.”

Stay tuned to SHINee’s performance on Music Core which is pre-recorded for broadcast on the 14th.

Boa “Be in love with Heechul? Would feel tired due to too much prettiness…WonBin is my ideal type”


[PHOTO] 100812 Heechul and BoA


[PHOTO] 100803-100804 Kibum with fans

Finally found news about kibum super junior !!! AAA~