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Eunhyuk, ‘Project of getting closer with Boa…’ “Will get close to her soon”

Being involved in the “Getting closer project” together with same-age Boa sunbaenim, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made a promise with the fans through star call.

In the star call video to the fans, Eunhyuk said “Recently Boa sunbaenim, didn’t I went into the project of getting closer to Boa sunbaenim (?)” after introducing “Getting closer project”, he continued “Till now, there hasn’t been any progress.”

But Eunhyuk continued again “Through twitter, (we) chatted about a few sentences, in order to get closer faster, (I’ll) be like what everyone wished; to be able to talk relaxingly with Boa sunbaenim, greeting (with her) will also be done in a interesting way, (I) will show everyone photos.”

After which through the video, Eunhyuk showed an example of how the greeting will be done, and said with an embarrassed “Boa ah~ Annyeong~” At the same time, Eunhyuk continued “Fans have been repeating to get closer but it turned out to be a burden instead so it became harder to talk.”

Korean to chinese translation: 香淑_小抽 @ Sujudian
Chinese to english translation: ~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-World.net
Take out with full credits.

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