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Jay Park shares his true feelings behind his MySpace comments and 2PM withdrawal

There still remains truths to reveal regarding former 2PM leader Jae Park’s controversial MySpace comments on Korea, his withdrawal from the group, and his return to the Korean entertainment world.

On KBS2TV’s Entertainment Weekly, it seems that Jay Park’s interview regarding the matters will be released, in which he confesses his previous emotions about the subject at the time they occurred.

Last year, in relation to his MySpace comments, he said that “More than the fear that I would no longer be able to continue my life as a celebrity, I was having a harder time thinking about how I was stressing out the people around me who were sincerely worried for me.” In addition, he was “so sorry and frustrated with myself that I had hurt those who read my thoughtless comment, as I had written them when I was so immature”, and that “I really wanted to tell them that it was not what I truly meant and believed.”

When Jay was talking about his solo debut song, Please Believe Me (which is holding a high rank in various music charts), he shared his touched, thankful feelings as well: “The song was solely dedicated to fans, but it got a better reaction that I had originally thought, so I was really surprised.”

Ex-2PM leader Jaebeom came back to Korea, after 9 long months in the middle of June, to film the movie Hype Nation. Also, last month, he signed an exclusive contract with sidusHQ.

More of his sincere feelings behind this issue can be heard and confirmed on the August 7th airing of KBS live Entertainment Weekly.

It seems that from what he says, he sincerely apologizes for his immaturity back when he wrote the insulting comment, and is asking for forgiveness from fans.  It’s important to remember how tough it is for young adults to adjust to completely new environments.

Credits to TV Report.

source allkpop

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  1. Y

    I think he’s sincere enough to be forgiven,besides,he’s talented,

    November 13, 2010 at 8:46 pm

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