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Archive for July 31, 2010

SHINee celebrates their Music Bank K-Chart win

SHINee shared celebratory pictures after winning the Music Bank K-Chart.

The boys won their first #1 since their comeback with Lucifer on the 30th and decided to celebrate.

Each of the boys held the trophy and posed for the camera. They look more than satisfied, which makes sense because they probably put a tremendous amount of hard work into this album.

If you’re wondering why Onew doesn’t have a solo picture, it’s because he was crying too hard to take a picture by himself. That is also why he isn’t showing his face in the picture above.

Do you think they’ll win the Mutizen song on Inkigayo?

credits: heartfacee

source: allkpop

Teen Top performs “One Less Lonely Girl” on MBC Starry Night

Rookie group Teen Top recently made an appearance on MBC Starry Night radio. Changjo, Niel and L.Joe took the microphone and covered Justin Bieber’s hit track One Less Lonely Girl.

These guys are very impressive and much prefer this cover to the original. What do you guys think?

well, after Justin Bieber’s producer show his interested with Teen Top, i think they try to sing this song.

credits: GhostWriter
video credits: 6teensontop2 @YouTube
source: allkpop