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[News] BoA’s comment on close friendship with Super Junior’s Heechul!

Singer BoA, who’s been named and called the ‘Tempered brother and sister’ along with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.

On the past (July) 24th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ BoA, who in 5 years has released her 6th album and has returned to Korean music industry.

Recently, Kim Heechul uploaded a picture taken with BoA onto his twitter titled the ‘Tempered brother and sister’. It has attracted the attention of many netizens and has become since become a hot topic. BoA stated, “When Kim Heechul uploaded the picture and the phrase (written underneath), he definitely asked to have my permission to do so.”

The reporter then asked about her close friendship with Kim Heechul and she replied, “We’re close. I have a lot of people I’m close to, but only that oppa (Kim Heechul) likes to make it obvious.”

On the other hand, this year will be her 10th anniversary since her debut. Through her official homepage and auction website, Nate, etc. Her full 6th album solo song “Game”’s music video has been revealed. She will start to come out with her promotional activities in the country soon.

Credit: TV Report (Lee KyungNam reporter kn0402@tvreport.co.kr)
Translated by julzzzz@sj-world.net
Shared by monkeyhyuk@SMTownJjang

Teen Top to Work With Justin Bieber’s Producer

Korean boy band Teen Top, who is currently promoting their debut track “Clap”, will be working with the producer of Justin Bieber’s song “One Less Lonely Girl” for their next album.

The producer, Hyuk Shin, was quoted as saying:

“I found out about Teen Top through MTV USA and decided to produce their album because they were newcomers’ whose talent has already been proven. After producing a song for Justin Bieber, I was approached by many Korean artists but Teen Top’s is the first offer I took up for producing an album.”

After recording the album with Teen Top, Shin will return to the US to put finishing touches on the album with his company A-REX Productions.

source: soompi