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Calm Siwon that people can’t reject

Leeteuk: “Nearby our house there is a 24hr dukkboki stall that we always patronize. That day, Siwon, Manager hyung and I, went to eat dukkboki at 4am and it was raining. Just at that time, 4 drunken youngsters walked by, one of them shouted “Hey! Look, an idol!” Normally we won’t welcome this kind of people, but Siwon calmly said “How are you”, at such unearthly hour he still asks people “Have you eaten?” The youngsters suddenly say, “Hyungs, we like you all a lot~” We thought they were here to create trouble, Siwon who is still calm said, “Hey, you these kids stop loitering in the middle of the night, faster go home.”

Eunhyuk: “So cool.”

Leeteuk: “I thought I should do something, so I asked them to come over and sit down and I told them “You guys drink so much, eat some dukkboki to become sober.” They ate happily, before leaving still suggested taking a photo, but manager hyung said cannot. However they are full, being full is always happy. They shouted “Hyungs are the best! YOOHOO~!” Then they ran off.”

Eunhyuk: “Mm, no matter what it’s better to live as a kind human.”

Leeteuk: “Now to think about it, calm Siwon really is admirable.”

Eunhyuk: “Whatever Siwon do is so cool.”

souce: youtube- sukira

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