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[News+Photos+Video] China media Sohu exclusive interview: SS501 Park Jung Min “Please call me Park CEO”

Sing, dance, drama, presided over what can be grabbed, the SS501 Park Jung Min who we are all familiar about. When he put off his stage clothing and changing into formal wear, changing into the CEO of trendy fashion online store, perhaps many people did not expect. However, Royal Avenue have already open up with great impression from the beginning of online shop evolved into the offline shop, with the soaring sales and the treasure of the shop – the little rabbit.

At the kind invitation of Park CEO, Sohu entertainment went to Royal Avenue for treasure Hunt. Did not expect that we really had found something for the Chinese fans – Park CEO autographed gifts which is on the way flying to China. Don’t need to worry, let’s look at an interview with CEO Park first. He will tell you himself the “Secret” of how to get the gifts.

Interview video:

English Translation:

Sohu: First of all, please say hello to all Sohu’s online friends!

JM: (In Chinese) Hello everybody, I’m Park Jung Min, Sohu’s friends ~ (waving) Hello!

Sohu: We are now in the Royal Avenue offline shop doing the interview, can you tell us something about the shop?

JM: Royal Avenue is a shopping site of my own establishment and operated which is focus on the user for women’s fashion.

Sohu: How is your self-confidence in fashion career? What do you think is Royal Avenue largest competitive point?

JM: Other (South Korea) artist to do this kind of shopping site, mostly with the joint operation, artist’s own role primarily only appeared as a model. But I am fully involved in the planning of the entire business operations. I think this is the major difference between mine (the site) and others. And I amvery fortunate to have a group of like-minded friends to start with me. We are now creating our own brand, called the Lapin Carrot. I think when you all see our design should be very interested, and very fond of it.

Sohu: And we also heard that you are preparing to enter the China market. Fans also like to know when will the Chinese version of website finally online?

JM: yes, coming soon! Will soon be opened, ha ha ha ha! (lowering the head when laughs)

Sohu: I heard there is will be a special slogan for the Chinese version website?

JM: Our Chinese version website’s slogan is: “What Chinese women want?”, is also in line with China girls’ preferences. Of course, in website design and operation, will also not be the same as South Korea. Chinese friends, hope you can look forward to!

Sohu: Among those did you consider the aesthetic difference between the Chinese girls and Korean girls?

JM: We now have Chinese employees joined us.! haha! And also, by last year’s Asian tour, I also went to many countries and regions in Asia. I found the style and features that girls liked are not the same throughout. Therefore, I will discuss together with the whole team, to find the most suitable style for each region.

Sohu: In addition to China, will there be other markets that you want to enter ?

JM: For the visited area so far through the activities as a singer will probably start (Online Shop) business. Now there are many overseas fans left messages in the Korean sites. So we want to have foreign language versions of the website for them to understand. I will try to work hard for your satisfaction for each overseas fans.

Sohu: You recently opened a mini-blog in Sohu. There are many fans have suspected that someone else created as a bogus. Now let you confirmed it yourself!

JM: I don’t know there is this kind of rumor between fans. Sohu’s mini-blgo is really set up together by me and the staff of the company. I am still learning with taff together, and slowly updating, ha ha!

Sohu: Because you want to write mini-blog in Chinese so now is learning hard of Chinese, right ? any improvement?

JM: Right. Now need to progress more quickly. ha ha ha ha! Now, I also have Chinese friends beside me. Even though they can’t be my teacher everyday, learn slowly in daily conversation should be helpful. However, I think I still should hire a professional teacher (switch into Chinese suddenly) learn Chinese (Nod)

Sohu: so could you show us your recent result of the learning?

JM: Ah! how to say the one I’ve just learned about embarrassed moment ? (Staffs: Shame!) Right, Shame.

Sohu: Royal Avenue and us have made a little surprise for the Chinese fans. Jung Min could you please introduce for us?

JM: Is the latest surprise! We have prepared a little Royal Avenue’s bag for people who visited our Sohu mini-blog. This is limited edition when our online shop first opened. I will sign in the back of the bag, given to lucky friends.

Sohu: Now, we are all most concerned about your current situation. Not long ago, your shooting photographs on the streets in Seoul has been exposed. Can you disclose a little about the shooting?

JM: I don’t know also.. ha ha ha ha! Actually… That is a mini-series! Other (SS501′s) members have also filmed, so I shot it this time. The Drama is called “meet”. It is a short drama with female lead Kong Hyun Joo and Kim Jung Wook also filming with me. I will be a policeman in the drama. (Pause) a policeman who doesn’t look like policeman.

Sohu: During the group activites, all members are having solo songs. All people like to hear you sing ballad songs. Do you think of releaseing a ballads album?

JM: Although the next work plan has no definite arrangement, I think the possibility of individual activities is larger. Since my original work is a singer, of course, activities will hope to be in the form of album releasing. Also, I want to be an actor in a very long time, so will definitely continue to challenge acting. There are many plans in the next step, now is still in developing. If you give me encouragement and support, I will do better.(Chinese) work hard!

Sohu: you said that you have no idol in previous interview. So do you think about your future? What will Jung Min be like in 10 years?

JM: 10 years after… I am 35 years old.? Oh.. no, 34. Is a handsome 34-year-old uncle! Of course I will continue singing, acting, running my own business, a successful 30th generation! And, the chances for everyone to become the one they are looking forward … not being necessarily… but I have good potential.

Sohu: So finally, please says a few words to all Chinese fans!!

JM: Hello. I am SS501 Park Jung Min. Hope everyone will continue to support SS501 member Park Jung Min in the future. Also like the Park Jung Min who work hard to become business. Come to my mini-blog more often! Lets’ be friends! Understand? bye bye~ Thank you! I will work hard to learn Chinese!


Look over here: method to get CEO Park special gift !

Jung Min specially prepared three autographed gifts for China fans.

Period: from now on until the Jul. 26 12:00pm is deadline

Activity method: Tell Jung Min one Chinese sentence you want to teach him through Royal Avenue sohu mini blog (@royalavenue)

The selected winners will be released through Park Jung Min Chinese mini-blog (http://royalavenue.t.sohu.com).

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  1. Odd this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed around the initial page. I guess your doing some thing right if Google likes you enough to put you on the 1st page of a non associated search.

    December 8, 2010 at 12:37 pm

  2. hannah♥SHINee

    omo!!! RABBIT!! LOL! he does love hyung jun even though he bullies hyung jun:) naaaww,,,, i miss them:)

    May 16, 2011 at 7:07 am

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