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[Triple S][English Translation] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong @ TOKTOK Chat (2010/07/17 3:30 am)

strong>English Translation:

The rain came down … When the evil flows .. I’m with you .. I think .. [규종]

I’ll stay … Ha ha ha!! Having a little rest after LASIK surgery ^^ [규종]

uriah heep … rain… my favorite songs recently … now listening all the time !! ^^ [규종]

I play it when the rain came down.. it’s a good song.. Mmm..!!!! [규종]

rain rain rain.. in my tears… Measuring carefully my years ~~~ [규종]

I am writing and does not come up,… ahi really!! humhum!! [규종]

It’s raining outside But that’s not unusual [규종]

Wow, right… [규종]

Thank you for writing …. Good to know you!! Too!! [규종]

happening to sleep… big (don’t understand this part) .. T keep thundering!! heehee [규종]

But everybody not sleeping? ^^ [규종]

Ohya Come on over all ~~ [규종]

I’ll got beautiful dream decorated in dream yoyoyoyoyoyo hehe!!!! [규종]

Will sleep will sleep will sleep will sleep will sleepwill sleep [규종]

It’s raining it’s raining .. heeheehee Beauties good night yo ohohoh ^^ ha [규종]

Good song ahahahaha ~~~~ I’m going to sleep good night hehe ^^ [규종]

Love!! Smell!! Behold!! I do not know I am hard to keep difficult thing repeatedly [규종]

bye bye ^^ thank you as always!! To !!!~~~~~~ all ah ~~ [규종]

Credit: 완두콩별소녀@SS601+ss501dspenter.com
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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