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Yesung, Eeteuk ‘Love Chaser’ preview ( 러브추격자)

credit: YesungCenter @YouTube

[News] Concept of eeteuk and yesung’s new show, ‘Love Chaser’

Super Junior Leeteuk and Yesung have become the joint MCs of a real variety show “Love Chaser.”

MBC Drama Net a real variety show, “Love Chaser” which was first shown on May have chose Leeteuk and Yesung as the new MCs.

Two people have shown best teamwork and received positive reviews even though it was their first time.

Super Junior Leeteuk and Yesung’s Love Chaser has the concept of ‘a star chases the star that he or she respects.’ A celebrity chooses a star of the opposite sex, shows their love for the person for a week and the other person becomes the love chaser to find out the person’s identity. The story is that they both chase each other.

On the first episode of “Love Chaser,” talent Lee Inhye will make an appearance.

The show airs July 21st 11:30PM.

source: @dkpopnews

[NEWS] Sungmin quit twitter ????

It’s confirmed, Sungmin of Super Junior has QUIT twitter! and he has deleted his twitter account just a few minutes ago.

He gave his last tweet saying

“저는 이 글을 마지막으로 트위터 그만안녕할게요~^^ㅎ 그동안 재미있게 잘 사용했구 관심가져주신 많은 분들 감사해요^^ 쑝!!!”

which says:

“‘ll now be quitting Twitter with this last tweet~~^^ㅎI had lots of fun before,thanks to everyone who gave lots of interest to me^^ Sorry!!!”

He did not state any reason’s what so ever why he suddenly out of the blue deleted his twitter account, if you go to his account, it will say “Sorry the page does not exist”.

It’s quite shocking and unexpected but I respect his decision to delete his twitter for whatever reason he has.

http://twitter.com/myblacksmile/ <– That is not Sungmin… just right after he deleted his account, somebody else took the username

[Video] Many Performance at M!countdown July 15th

Performer :

Taeyang – Solar, I Need a Girl
Miss A – Baby One More Time, Abracadabra, I Go Crazy becouse of You, Bad Girl Goog Girl
Hyuna – Change
4minute – I My Me Mine
2AM – Special Ballad Performance
ZE:A – Hey Come On, Come Back Again
G.NA – Rumors, I’ll Back Off so You Can Live
Sori – Got
CN Blue – It’s Raining, Only Look at Me, I don’t Care, Heart breaker, Love Light, Love
MBLAQ – Lies, Sorry Sorry, Mirotic, Y


[Triple S][English Translation] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong @ TOKTOK Chat (2010/07/17 3:30 am)