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[Video] SBS Inkigayo July 11th, Super Junior win 1st Mutizen for ‘No Other’

After celebrating a K-Chart win on Music Bank with No other. Today, they win 1st mutizen with the same. Congratulation for Super Junior Junior and also ELF ^^

performer list : Super Junior, Kan Mi Yeon, Girl’s Day, Black Pearl, Infinite, SISTAR, ZE:A, Teen Top, CN Blue, Miss A, Son DamBi, Narsha, 4minute, Taeyang

Kan Mi Yeon – Crazy

Girl’s Day – Tilt My Head

Black Pearl – GO GO SSING

Infinite – Come Back Again

SISTAR – Push Push

ZE:A – Level Up

Teen Top – Clap

CN Blue – Love (end of promotion)

Green Sports video

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

Son DamBi

Can’t U See


Narsha – BBI-RI-BOP-A

4minute – I My Me Mine

Taeyang – I Need a Girl

Credits : CrazyCarrot350@youtube

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