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[Video] Today’s Music Core (July 10th)

Today’s Performer:
♬ Comeback stage
Son Dam Bi / 손담비『Queen + Can’t U See』

♬ Hot stage
Taeyang『I need a girl』
Super Junior『No Other Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어』
4minute『I My Me Mine』
miss A『Bad Girl Good Girl』

♬ New Song
ZE:A『”Level Up” / 이별드립』
Black Pearl『Go Go Ssing / 고고씽』OneTwo 『Very Good』

♬ SUMMER Special stage
Jang yoonJung『Olleh / 올래』
LPG『Doorbell of Love / 사랑의 초인종』
Infinite『Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와』

♬ Volume up stage
Orange Caramel『Magic Girl / 마법 소녀』
D-NA『Stumble Stumble / 비틀비틀』
Norazo『Curry / 카레』
Sistar『Push Push』

♬ HOT debut
Girl’s Day『Tilt my Head / 갸우뚱』
TEEN TOP『Applause / 박수』

♬ sound-HOLIC

Double K『Favorite Music』
2wins『Star / 별놈』

D-NA – Stumble Stumble

Girl’s Day

Teen Top – Clap

Sistar – Push Push

ZE:A – Level Up

Infinite – Come Back Again (special summer stage)

Black Pearl – GO GO SSING

Orange Caramel – Magic Girl

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

4minute – I My Me Mine

TaeYang – I Need a Girl

Son DamBi
Can’t U See


Super Junior – No Other

Video Credits : CrazyCarrot250@youtube
Performer list’s credits : KPopflash.net

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