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Super Junior member Heechul celebrates his 27th birthday today! (28th in Korea). He posted this picture on his Twitter account just recently – showing how excited he was for his birthday (yes, that was slight sarcasm). Although he doesn’t look too excited, I still think it’s a nice picture and he at least seems happy surrounded by friends. I was slightly dissappointed with the lack of Super Junior members in this picture, but hopefully he’ll be sharing more pictures all day. I’ll keep you all posted!

희님탄생일 입니다 함께 해주고 있는 최종훈 쌈디 이홍기 김정모 미쓰라 예성 낯선 신인가수 만성 모두가 사내들이지만 고맙다 근석이가 늦어서 케잌도 없네 사진 하나 올려야겠군ㅋㅋ

It’s Heenim’s birthday. Together with Choi Jonghoon, Ssamdi, Lee Hongki, Kim Jungmo, Mithra, Yesung, Nassun, new singer Mansung. Thanks even though you are all guys. Geunsuk was late so no cake. Will upload one picture

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